When you get tired of walking, RUN

This week we didn’t spend much time in our secto because we were in Ovalle Sur with Hna Pereira at the beginning of the week, and then we had to head out to Viña for the Leaders Counsel. But we worked like crazy! Wednesday, we had to visit everyone before we left. One day. 7 appointments. It was insane. We were literally running from one side of the sector to the other. We got home and closed the door exactly at 10:00pm. It was exhilarating haha.
We have really been focusing on teaching and talking about repentance in every moment and it makes such a difference. Why haven’t I been doing this the whole time! When people understand that we literally have to change to be able to be happy in the presence of God, baptism and going to church make so much sense. We taught Maria and her family again and they are so humble. They are so ready to act. They always ask us to leave them something in their little Bible and Book of Mormon. Warms my little heart.
I don’t know if I ever told you much about Marta, but she is amazing. She couldn’t come to church yesterday either and I was getting worried. Last night we called her and she said we interrupted her reading the Book of Mormon with her son. She couldn’t come yesterday, but she said she is making plans to come next week because she really wants to come. Such an amazing repentant woman. She wants so badly to be born again. She had some dream that I didn’t really understand about crossing a river and coming out a new woman and feeling immense peace.
The conference was so good. Presidente talked about when Mormon is lamenting the “fair ones” that had fallen into corruption and eventually died in a nasty war. The pain of seeing the potential in people and what the Lord has waiting for them and then watching them reject it really hit me. I’m so glad that it’s the Lord’s job to give justice and not mine.

I got to see some lovely faces in Viña! So good to see them and love on them:)

Love you! Go out there and help people feel loved!
Hermana Miller

By Small and Simple Puppies

I’m pretty sure every week I learn some new form of Chilean slang. My favorite lately is that they say “re” to express really. It is so hard to not speak like a Chilena. Sigh, one day.

The miracles aren’t stopping in Limarí. This week we were walking down the street on the way to an appointment and decided to take a different route. There was an adorable puppy, so obviously we stopped to look at it, when all of the sudden this woman is yelling at us from her car “señoritas! señoritas!”. We wait, thinking either she is crazy or a member. She stops the car jumps out and says, ” Are you Mormons? I want to come to your church” My companion and I just looked at each other and laughed. We couldn’t speak, it took us so off guard. We talked to her a bit more and she went to church before and has been passing by the church, but it’s never open when she passes. We invited her to baptism and she accepted! We got her information and we just couldn’t stop laughing; it felt like a scene from a movie. Since then it’s been hard to find her again, but with a miracle like that, we will find a way!
One day, our District leader called and told us that someone wearing blue was being prepared to hear about the gospel in our sector. The first person we saw after hanging up was wearing blue, so we went and contacted him. You’ll never guess his name. Lancelot. He was super high, so I thought he was making it up, but when we came back his mom called him Lancelot. Oh Chileans.
Saturday, we planned a special activity with the youth to go on divisions with all the missionaries in Ovalle. We were one jovencita short, so the mission leader went with us to go teach the miracle family from last week that drove us all the way to Villa Seca. We got there and she was making us once. Once is normally bread with cheese and ham and herbal tea. But no. She was making us fajitas. It was amazing. And a little frustrating because we couldn’t just tell her no because she was already making them, and we were there 2 hours waiting for her to finish them and everything. Oh Chilenos, tragically hospitable.
I am learning a lot about the power of questions and the Book of Mormon. When the people teach themselves instead of being lectured, they are able to hang on so much more easily!
I love this gospel and I love Casuela!
I attached pics of Valle del Encanto with the zone. We found underground cavey things that were really cool. Also pics of FHE with Anahis and her fam and fajitas with Carol and Francisco
Hermana Miller

I Believe in Miracles!

Best story of the week. Yesterday, we decided to go to the country on the top of a far away hill, where a bunch of members, live called Canelilla. We were waiting for a colectivo and I realized it was Sunday and there aren’t hardly any colectivos on Sundays. 3 passed in half an hour and all were full. We realized we needed heavenly help, and said a prayer asking for a car to come with 2 seats open before 5 o’clock. We waited and waited and all of them passed full. Then a little white car pulls over with a family. They asked us where we were going and said they would take us there. It sounds sketchy, but the wife was wearing a heavy duty guard uniform and was with her little baby and we felt like we could trust them. Turns out, they were on their way home and passed us and felt like they should turn around and give us a ride. They weren’t even going to the country, heck they didn’t even know where Canelilla was, but they took us there anyway. We talked to them and Miracle #2: THEY’RE MARRIED! It is so hard to find married people here! and they said we could come visit them! While we were there, we helped a bunch of members, got a referral, and now we’re teaching her. Miracles are real folks!

Love you,

Hermana Miller

Sometimes I cut my grass with a bread knife.

Wowza folks. I hope you all enjoyed Fast Sunday yesterday. I loved it. A lot. It was a Sunday of miracles! We were fasting to be able to consecrate ourselves more to the work. I was reading an article my mom sent me Sunday morning (you should read it https://www.lds.org/liahona/2017/10/becoming-true-disciples?lang=eng&cid=HP_SU_1-10-2017_dPFD_fLHNA_xLIDyL1-C_) And I realized that I need to be a lot more honest with the Lord in my prayers and really pour out my desires. I started meditating a lot about my intentions behind my goals; whether I’m doing things just to be a “successful missionary” or because I love these people. I said a really sincere prayer and poured my heart out about how I felt about these people. We went to church and we were just about to start, when in walks the Familia Nuñez, who we have been teaching for a long time and receiving a lot of empty promises from them. But they came! For the first time in 3 years! You know what got them there? They were doing family history, like we had invited them to do, and they said they felt the support of their loved ones helping them get there. There is power in this work friends! 
Funny story:
One day we were out making contacts with people, and a man came out of his house. We asked him how he was and he said “tired”. Then he pulled a handful of rose petals off a bush and threw them in our faces. We asked him what that was for and he said “I might be tired, but I’m not boring”. Valid. 
Other funny story:
We were walking home from a member’s house, and my companion said “you know I’ve never felt unsafe walking in the night in Chile”. Just when she finished her phrase, a man comes running up behind us and yells “buenas noches” and we both flipped. It was the member. He followed us home to make sure we got to the house safe #kindbutcreepy

Intercambios almost always mean food. Even if they`re stale completos – such a let down.


This little girl who made a drawing of an elder haha



I love you!!!!!

Hermana Miller


¿Qué significa hello?

Hi folks! This week was our vacay. Just kidding, but it does kind of feel like that because we traveled all the way down to Viña and loose 3 days of work with the conference and everything. The COnsejo de Lideres was so good. They talked a lot about how to be more creative and efficient at finding people and how to use members more. They hit the nail on the head with the need that we have as a zone.  We went crazy applying it yesterday and it works so well! Now we just need to find all of these references and help them out:)
After the conference I got permission from Presidente to visit people in Achupallus! It was so great to see them and see that they are continuing with strength. It was really hard to see that some people have had blows to their testimonies and aren’t making very good decisions right now, but I know repentance is real and I hope I helped them find the courage to repent and feel the Spirit again like they once did.

The view from the 2nd story of our mansion. So Chileno. 


Eating sketchy Churrasco en el Mercado


We won the trophy that we made for the Zone. Again. We made a challenge for the Zone (that I stole from Hna Rimmer) where you had to contact someone, ask their name, and then teach them a principal that started with the same letter as their name. We won so hard. And then yesterday we won a challenge for getting the most referances from members. It gets tiring always winning;)


My babe of a companion wearing the beautiful dress I made her buy in the feria. Traveling to Hawaii… Vina del Mar. Same difference.


The Mexica 4 together at last! So happy that we’re all Hermana Liders now so we’ll see each other every cambio!


Our feelings about 6 hours in the bus without eating anything except pure sugar in 24 hours

Right now we are finding a whole lot of new people, but it’s still a struggle to find people that want to stick around. But… ¡Sigamos pues!
Un abrasito!
Hermana Miller

Patience is a virtue

Today I had one of the top ten Chilean experiences of my life. We went to the Feria. There was a big one in Belloto but we could never go because it wan’t open on Mondays. Think of every South American Market place stereo type x10. That’s the Feria. We bought all the veggies and fruits for super cheap. I’m pretty sure they ripped us off on some things because we’re white, but I’m over it. Sometimes I am so tempted to dye my hair brown just so that people don’t treat me like I’m a dumb white person, but then I decided you can only be a white kid in Chile once and embraced it.
This week was a little rough because we had to drop a lot of people and we were searching for new people. We spent 2 days without going into a house. That’s a lie – we went into the house of a less active member, but almost! It’s made me think a lot about how God feels when we are so stubborn. How many times is the answer to our problems right in front of our faces and we can’t recognize it or we are too stubborn to accept it? I was thinking about every time we have had “success” as a missionary and it has never ever ever been because I thought of something clever or logical to say and it convinced them. It has always been because the God gave us a miracle or the Spirit showed the simple way to do it.

When you can only take so many P-days of playing futbol.

This picture is from a few weeks ago but it makes me laugh so hard every time! Haha I love this little girl! She got confirmed yesterday and did her little part in the Primary Program. So precious!
I did something a little different this week and made a voice recording. All the cool kids do it, so I went with it. Hope you enjoy and that it works. Good luck understanding me with my thick accent😉
Hermana Miller

Change of Pace

Hey ya’ll! Crazy week because Hna Rimmer went to Viña Saturday, so I was companion-less and in between members and hermanas in the south. But I’m here with Hna Clawson now! I promise I love her, I’m just really awful at taking pictures! She’s from Manti Utah and has 14 months in the mish and is ginger and so sweet and kind and chill and I love her:)  We have P-day on a Wednesday because Presidente went to Argentina for a conference.  I love you all and I promise I’ll write better next week (event though that’s what I say every week).


The last district picture


When I was sick, but it was her last day, so we ate like Chileans anyway.


Our matching agendas, because we’re cute like that. 

Love, Hna Miller

It’s Hard Being British

I love Limari so much! There is so much to be done and so much happening all the time! This week was a little crazy because both of the Anaises had their baptism dates set up for this Domingo. In the end, Annais C didn’t have support from her biological mom, so we’re waiting to see if we can strengthen the family a bit more before we go ahead with her baptism.

My companion is teaching me a lot about how to just love people and just understand them. We had a lesson with an inactive family that just all of the sudden stopped going to church. I felt inspired to ask some questions and they started opening up to us about how they have felt about some church leaders and things. My first instinct was to just start telling them how they can’t pretend that they believe and follow Jesus Christ if they aren’t willing and capable of forgiving others, but then I felt like I needed to listen and help them recognize that someone loved and cared about them. He started crying and now he’s really determined to come back to church. Hna Miller:0 Spirit: 1

Her baptism was so precious!


Hermana Rimmer’s last p-day tea party surprize


Here’s to Chile
Love you all! I hope you can all help someone feel the love of Christ this week!
Hermana Miller

Lovely Dovely


Welcome to Chile were you eat a new fruit every day. Fruit of the day is Chirimoya. I think they have it in the states, you should all eat it. 

What a week. We set the enfoque as a zone to focus on the impressions of the Spirit and follow the first impression. We’ve been really working to apply it and it has been amazing! I have realized that I can be really unempathetic sometimes and I just want to rationalize people into doing what I know is right. I learned this week that sometimes it’s better to let the Spirit tell them what I can’t instead of stumbling over my own words trying to do it. I’m also learning that I’m sooo good at overthinking and the Spirit is so simple.

Remember our friend John from last week? The Australian? We taught him this week and it was the most intellectually challenging experience of my life. I have never had such a well educated investigator! I felt like I was back in the singles ward teaching Heidi again! But he really knows that the Spirit motivated him to talk to us, so he’s willing to find the answers to his doubts.

The two Anaises are doing really good and are getting ready for their baptism on Sunday! They came to conference and I was amazed at how well they paid attention!

I loved conference, I felt really strongly that I can’t afford to let go of all the things that I have learned on the mission. I can’t afford to let go of the scriptures.

The English room

Love you all!
Hermana Miller

¡Viva Chile!

Welp. 18 happened. Everywhere you walk just smells like burning charcol. I have eaten so much meat this week. We had a pretty chill day because everyone went to the country to celebrate. We ended up just visiting widows that were all alone. Everyone was flying kites so we bought some and tried to join in on the fun… We aren’t talented enough for that. It was a pretty slow week because everyone was gone, but we were still able to find a lot of people to help.
Speaking of which, we were walking down the street and we saw this old lady who fell down. We go inside her gate and help he up. She told us she needed to go take a colectivo to go to her sister’s house. We started helping her down the street and then we realized that we were probably helping her escape. She didn’t have her keys and closed the door. We started calling for neighbors, but nobody had the number of her son. We sat her back down and somebody called the cops. Then this old lady starts saying that we stole her keys, AND THEY BELIEVED HER! But then another neighbor who was there from the beginning defended us and all was well. But that little old lady almost got us in court. In the end we found someone with her son’s number and she got back safe and sound. That was a close one.

This is officially the weirdest thing I’ve eaten in Chile. It’s blood. With other stuff. It’s actually really good, it has lots of onion and garlic in it. Psychologically, I couldn’t eat more than a few bites.


Miracle of the week:

We’ve been doing a lo of contacting lately to try to get to know the sector better. We were just walking around and all the sudden decided to stop and yell outside of a house. This guy comes out speaking to us in English with a supper thick Australian accent named John. He explained to us that he was born in Chile but lived in Australia for a long time. He asked for a pamphlet or book of something. I tried explaining that we’e here for more than handing out papers and he said he actually listened to missionaries a long time ago and really wants to learn more, but just got married that day, so he’s a little busy. We left him a temples pamphlet and planned to come back.

This morning he calls us and says that he read the pamphlet and really wants to know what he needs to do to have his salvation and wants all the books we have so he can learn “how to be a Mormon”. He basically just asked us baptize him. So crazy!
Here is a little GIF for ya’ll of these old people singing to us in almuerzo. They’re singing “Grand Eres Tu”. They sing in the centro every weekend for a living. Every time I watch it I die laughing haha, only in Chile.
Yesterday none of our investigators made it to church and all of the little girls are having quite a bit of opposition, but it’ll all work out:)
My companion is teaching me how to be British. During weekly planning, we ate crackers with butter and cheese and herbal tea. #pinkiesup
I love you all! ¡Que disfruten la conferencia general!

Hermana Miller