Officially Official

Last night I was officially made a missionary for the Chile, Viña del Mar Mission. I hop on a plane for the Mexico MTC at 6:15 tomorrow morning.

Watch, I can guess what you want to ask me right now.

Are you excited? Yes. Only slightly more than I am intimidated.

Are you ready? Ready as I’ll ever be.

Are you packed? Sure am! And all (barely) under the weight limit too.

The full reality of leaving my family hasn’t hit me yet and I (thankfully) have not yet assimilated Niagara Falls. But I sure love this family of mine, and these friends, and this little town.

Here’s to growth. Growing minds as I learn Spanish in 6 weeks. Growing hearts as I am surrounded by strangers. Growing waistlines as I eat all of that glorious latino food.


My lovely supporters when I was set apart as a missionary

Thank you to everyone who was able to see me yesterday. Your love and support means a lot. I promise:)



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