Can you hear me now? A how-to on sending mail

I can’t help but play this John Denver song, Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver, and I know Hermana Laine would approve.

Hermana Miller has arrived in the Mexico Missionary Training Center (MTC) or as they call it there, Centro De Capacitacion Misional (CCM). She will go through language training until December 27th, when she will travel to Chile, and there she will stay to serve the people for the remaining 18 months of her mission. (Photo cred

LDS Missionary Training Center Mexico

Once every week, she has a P-Day (Prep day), when she gets to read and respond to emails for about an hour. Anyone may email her at… 

Don’t bother with DearElder (a popular resource). They mainly serve the Provo, UT training center, where Hermana is not.

We cannot send her packages from the US. However, there are these two companies based in Mexico City that will print off letters and deliver the same day (for free), or deliver packages (not free, but awesome). Sending letters this way could be useful so she won’t use her 1 hour of time on P-Day reading, she can actually use that time to respond. They do charge for multiple pages or colored pictures, but verify with the individual companies when you order. The down-side is, she cannot send, and you cannot receive a response until that p-day, so send those letters with good judgement. As a missionary, there just isn’t time in the day to respond right away (they also have strict rules about these things). These companies also deliver packages. Again, they are based in Mexico, so you place your order with them online, they assemble and deliver right there, so no customs mess!

Missionary Package MX

MTC Mexico Care Package

Here is a blog of a missionary mama who navigated this whole package and letter thing from a year ago, which may be helpful. LDS services do pouch mail, which they talk about, but it seems a lot more confusing than the resources listed above.

Someone else’s mission blog about sending mail

To anyone missing this beautiful woman, I share these songs

I Got Your Back, by Andrew Simple

And she would be so unhappy if she knew I was sharing this recording, but it’s one that captures her heart and testimony. And I may or may not listen to my ninja live recording version when I can’t fall asleep at night. May your heart take comfort that she is exactly where she needs to be, and doing what God is asking of her; helping others come to know and feel the sweet surrender and sweeter embrace that she has felt and is continuing to learn to feel.

Hermana singing ‘In Mercy’s Arms’



This post was written by Anna. Any questions, complaints, concerns may be submitted in the comments below or at her junk email address


2 thoughts on “Can you hear me now? A how-to on sending mail

  1. Oooo, I love this!! Thank you for setting up this blog so we can follow the adventures!!
    And….ohmyword… the “Mercy’s Arms” recording… So beautiful!!!


    • This is how I remember her now, is singing this song. Not the awkward little sister she once was. As her perfectionist self, she is not a fan of this recording, but that’s WHY I love it. It’s raw, and it’s her.

      Liked by 1 person

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