I Do Indeed Live

Fun Fact: when you type on Spanish computers, they tell you every single word is spelled incorrectly, so sorry in advance
I’m in Mexico, but it hardly feels like it. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything more humbling than driving through downtown Mexico City from the Airport. So many concrete buildings. It was crazy.

When people say that the first week is miserable, they aren’t lying. There is no time to get all of the things done all the teachers ask of you. Our second day here we taught our first lesson in all Spanish to Vanessa. Before being here, I was very skeptical of the idea of having pretend lessons, but now I have seen and felt that when you testify of Christ and the Restoration it will be powerful. The hardest thing the first couple of days with the language was learning to refer to people in the usted form. It took me a solid 5 minutes to get one sentence out because I have to retrain my brain. I think at this point I’m fairly adjusted. I’ve really had to learn to stop stressing saying things the correct ways and just throw out words and phrases that are somehow related to what I’m trying to say and the Spirit will put together the rest.
It has been such a miracle how much of the language I’ve been able to understand. We had a devotional Tuesday by an Area 70, Elder Pino, with live English translation. There was a point during the devotional that it would have been easier for me if the translator would stop talking. That was a pretty cool moment. I learn so many words in a day. My Spanish background has helped me a lot more than I anticipated it would. My district affectionately refers to me as smart one. They also call me salvaje (savage) because sometimes I get a little sassy. They’re full of it.

My companion is Hermana Anderson. She is from Denver, Colorado and is 19. She did one year at BYU and one year at UVU. She is the same height as the lovely Gracee Fern, but I didn’t even realize it until yesterday. Both of us are going to Viña We work really well together so far. She has a bit of a hard time remembering to talk like a missionary sometimes, but were helping each other out. She is so patient with me. I forget my badge on the daily and she is so sweet about having to walk all the way back to the casa to get it.

Our roommates are Hermana Davis and Hermana Shephard. They are lovely humans and we have good times. Fun fact, Hermana Davis can bark like a dog and is terrified of pregnant people.

This is the classroom that I spend majority of my life in. It’s great fun. I can’t get the district picture to work, but I love these kids. My first thought when I saw all of these 18 year old boys was this is where they’ve been hiding that immature hot mess, but they really care about this work and make it easier to smile through the tears.

This is right outside of our classroom where Hna Anderson and I have language study every day. The CCM is 90 acres and gorgeous. It’s like this little american compound surrounded by poverty. We’ll be sitting in the classroom and we can hear sirens going off all around us and people honking and music blaring from the outside world. Last weekend there were tons of fireworks because there was some kind of Mexican national holiday. Everyone thought we were under attack. There are SO many birds here. Big green ones with blue wings that live in the palm trees and spit seeds at you while you’re trying to study. They sound like someone dragging their wet sneakers across hardwood floor. So squeaky.

Classic district name tag picture

This is my lovely little room. These beds may kill me. Literalmente, no puedo

We taught Vanessa again last night and she committed to be baptized. That was pretty cool, but I’m pretty sure they tell them to do that for everyone so that they feel good about themselves and their first teaching experience.
For Thanksgiving we watched a devo from Provo that made me a little home sick for the first time. That was fun. We just had lunch and they made us a beautiful Thanksgiving feast complete with Costco Pie and Ice cream and root beer and white table cloths. It was glorious.
The food here is pretty grand. I’ve been trying to acclimatize myself to the rice and beans diet and lets just say its been one great big farty party.
On that note I have to go.
I love you all! My P days will stay Thursdays from here on out.
Hermana Miller

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