Living on Three Packs a Day

Of tissues that is. Yes, the good old cold has found its way to me here in the Mexico CCM. Thankfully tissue packs only cost 3 pesos. I drink an average of 3 to 5 of my huge water bottles a day. We live on potty breaks around here.


I found a new love. They call them Beuno Bars. They are beautiful and are right up there with the gospel its self when it comes to changing lives. The best 15 pesos (about one American dollar) a Hermana could ever spend. I have gotten really good at eating food #talented
One of the hardest things is giving up my heathen music. Sometimes when its 9 at night and you’re still doing language study you just want to dance and belt some T Swift. The struggle is real. Struggle number two is there is no nap time. I NEED NAP TIME. I fall asleep literally everywhere. I almost missed the kissing scene in the Testaments during our Sunday movie night because my eyelids can’t stay open that time of day.
Sunday Hna. Anderson and I were called as STLs and that’s a whole new bundle of fun. We  still have to plan our Relief Society lesson for this week… Hopefully its more of a way to serve and love and get outside of myself than a stress. It’s all in the attitude, right?
Our district lucked out on our weekly service activity. We are the committee that greets people as they arrive to the CCM and helps them find their house and all that fun stuff. Honestly, when I got here, they gave me all of my stuff and told me good luck and I had to figure it out on my own. And that was rough. I love walking the girls to their casas and telling them all the things I have learned like the bottom knob is the hot water and don’t eat beans every day and no we aren’t under attack, those are just fireworks, because Catholics love to celebrate every Saint that ever lived every day. It’s just crazy how quickly you can go from being a greenie to a veteran around here.


Fun Fact: you see these creepy thing that look like they belong in the Hunger Ganes? They are directly behind my casa on the other side of the wall. I just found out that they are a monument to the people who died making the pipeline that goes under Mexico City.
Hna Anderson and I had a bit of a rough time on Monday. There was a situation with one of the girls in our district and we had a bit of difference of opinion on how it should be handled, but thankfully we both found some humility, and got over it pretty quickly. It’s amazing the array of emotions that come from a whole bunch of hormones.
It’s also really frustrating because the mission is very goal oriented and I have never been a goal lover. I just need to change my attitude and perspective, but to me the more goals I have, the more opportunities I have to fail. We are supposed to learn 30 new words, 6 new phrases, 2 new grammar concepts, and memorize one scripture every day. And we are supposed to write in Spanish 15 min, read in Spanish 15 min, and speak in Spanish all day every day. When we’re supposed to have time for it? Couldn’t tell you. But, I am amazed at how much I have been able to get done that I never thought I would have.
The hardest thing with the language right now is just knowing I’m saying everything wrong. The words flow pretty well at this point, but my complete lack of grammar makes me want to puke a little.


Fun Fact”: They have these green circles everywhere so that you know where to run if there is an earthquake. This is me demonstrating proper earthquake form.


I got this infermo aceroso scripture case. Yes. I know. duck lips. I think it’s something being a missionary does to you. #cantstopwontstop
Hna Miller
P.S. My joke of the week is: You can pick your hymns and you can pick your nose, but you cant pick your Himnos
P.P.S. Dear Elder takes a month to get here, so if you send letters please use MTC  care package
Here are pictures of my district and our little Thanksgiving feast last week.

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