Hot Mess


This is how our district has been making it through the week. One meditation sesh at a time. Right after P day Hna Anderson finally gave in and let me take her to the Dr because shes been having crazy stomach pain. Come to find out her intestines are extremely inflamed and she may have a UTI. So we spent the next 48 hours on laxatives and anti nausea and colon health meds. Lets just say we have never known a bathroom so well. It was rough. And I was still one big hot mess with a faucet of a nose and hacking cough. We were a bit of a perfect storm.

So funny. We sat down in class on Sunday and on the desk was inscribed Jeremiah 14:19-20 (I think). So naturally we looked it up. The first line, “My bowels, my bowels”. So uncannily applicable to our lives this week.

Fun fact: Kleenex’s are not created equal. Mexican Kleenexs are 2 ply and come 15 in a pack, but American Kleenexs are 3 ply and 10 to a pack. They are a luxury to be properly rationed.
On Sunday Hna Terry, Elder Sevy, Elder Perry, and I did a musical number of La Primera Navidad for sacrament meeting and it was pretty great. And this is a terrible picture of us rehearsing. Yes, Elder Sevy wears that sweat band every P day if you were wondering. Also, old school selfie-ing is really challenging.
Sunday Hna Anderson and I taught Relief Society and it went really well. We talked about how everyday we practice testifying of the atonement and principles related to it, but do we really believe in it for ourselves. Do we say we believe in the Atonement because we used it 5 months ago, or because we used it today. This morning. This moment. I have gained a whole new appreciation for the song I Need Thee Every Hour.
For December 1st they lit up all the palm trees and they have a beautiful Nativity scene. The first night there was a strobbing colored light over Jesus’s head. Turns out it was a malfunction, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if it wasn’t. The Christmas lights on the hill side are crazy. I feel really bad for any one with epilepsy in Mexico. When we first got here we though they were having raves every night and we didn’t realize until this week that they’re just strobbing Christmas lights. I learning to love it and the fireworks going off every moment of every day. I even miss disco Jesus.
The highlight of my MTC experience so far was probably Saturday night. Hna Anderson was struggling hard, so she asked on of the elders for a blessing. When we came to the room all of the Elders were there making sure they knew the right words and everything. Then seeing all six of those boys gather around and give her a priesthoood blessing of healing was so powerful. The fact that God gives his power to 18 year old little boys blows me away. And it isn’t just a nice thing that we talk about, it”s real. It is the literal, functioning power of God. Such a cool experience.
I’ve probably already said this, but my favorite part of the week is welcoming all the new missionaries on Tuesdays. This week, we took some Hermanas to their casa only to find a cockroach in her bed room. Guess who got to dispose of it? This girl. It was an adventure. We started our 4th week so we’re trying to buckle down on speaking solo español. Our punishment for every english word is 3 squats. Lets just say my legs are on fire.
Yesterday night we got to our classroom after dinner and they told us that we have to move to a different building. Call us dramatic, but it was so sad. I miss my little bench by the palm trees and the custodian Gabe that always tries to teach us Spanish slang. So sad. Also this building doesn’t have a bathroom in it. Big problem. And our new classroom smells funny. I’ll get over it eventually. We made a Christmas count down paper chain to make it a little more homey. But esta bien.
Today we finally get to go to the temple. I’m so excited to get outside of the wall. And I feel like the temple will be the closest thing to home I get.
Funny story. So they just re-landscaped this area and put in new benches and tables and trash cans. So naturally, they had a ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony. Don’t ask. Just, Mexico.
I love you all! Go hug a pine tree for me!
Hna Miller
PS If anyone would like to send me sheet music in Spanish I would be all about that. And conference talks. In English or Spanish. I need some variety in my life.

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