The Final Countdown


What an adventure. Well, I will start with where I left off.
Last week, we go outside the wall and go to the temple in Mexico City. Right now the Pilgrimage  is going on. Not entirely sure what that means, but essentially it’s a Catholic tradition where they walk to the Basilica in the city in order to be forgiven of their sins. We saw some of it on the drive and it was pretty cool. I loved the temple. It felt like going home. Except for the part where the dressing room doors come up to my shoulder because I am so freakishly tall for Mexico. We were able to listen in English, but we had to speak in Spanish. It was so humbling and beautiful. I also love that in English we get so tangled up in our fancy words, but Spanish is so simple and direct. This temple has such a lovely visitors center too. I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated the beauty and serenity of the temple as much as I did going from Mexico city in all its ghettto glory straight into the pearly white temple. So much peace and perspective. I loved it.


Saturday we had TRC, which is where we get to teach native Mexicans who volunteer who don’t speak a lick of English. We loved it. Super sweet girls that are members and considering missions. So sweet. One girl spoke so fast, I almost passed out, but it was all good and they complimented our Spanish, so that was sweet.
There are some really fun bugs going around here and they all have to do with digestion. I don’t understand why because the food is really good and not sketchy. I don’t get it. Without going into too much detail, I had to stay home Sunday because I was in a constant state of nausea and couldn’t stand for very long or really do anything without getting queasy. I finally got my Sunday nap! 5 hours of Sunday nap. So glorious. I’m feeling better and am totally functional, I just get a lot of stomach pain going on all day every day and I don’t really know why.
Also, This weekend was some holiday for Guadalupe.  I though Mexicans partied hard before. Oh my heck. So many fireworks. And huge ones that we could actually see. Every hour of every day and night. Fireworks. They have died down a bit lately though.
Tuesday was a rough day. I was still having all sorts of stomach pain and for some reason I was an emotional wreck. We were learning Preterite and Imperfect tenses and I was getting so frustrated because I have learned these things so many times already and I don’t get it. It’s frustrating because we are just finally getting to some things in Spanish that are new grammar concepts for me. So I know that I’m getting better with application of concepts and rules, but I just feel like I haven’t been making nearly as much progress as everyone else compared to where I started. And sometimes my companion resents me for being able to speak more easily than she can and it just gets a bit exhausting.
A friend of mine once told me that while on my mission I would be forced to confront all of my negative characteristics and that could not be more true. I am so proud and stubborn and just a brat sometimes. When I don’t understand things I become dead to the world including my sweet, sweet companion who just wants to help.
This email sounds really negative, but I love it here and I cant believe I only have a little over a week left.



Our cute little Christmas paper chain. So festive around here.


I love you all!
 Hna Miller
PS This week is your last chance to send me letters through MTC Care Package and I’ll get them the next day!

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