The Last Days in the Compound

December 22nd


Last week was our one month mark, so we hosted a mes-versario fiesta complete with sparkling cider in these paper cups we found in the enfermeria. So fun. I love these girls.
I am so grateful that I’ve been a Sister Training Leader here. The Hermanas in our branch are the sweetest and I love on them so hard.
On Sunday I had the opportunity to perform a La Primera Navidad in a trio at the CCM Devo. And now I’ve been put in charge of directing our branch in a musical number for the Christmas Devo. There will be Area Authorities there, so its kind a a big deal.
Our district has been doing Secret Santa gifts for the 12 days which has been really fun… except for the part where Elder Shields told us who our Secret Santa is… pero esta bien.
Yesterday was the last day with our teachers because they all go on Christmas vacation and we have a million and ten orientations on our last days here. Funny story, we tried to set up our teachers only to find out that Hermana Gonzalez is engaged… Oops.  I love these teachers. The encourage me when I needed it and humble me when I need it too. They are my pals and I can’t wait to be Facebook friends with them when I get home haha.
So I leave on Tuesday for Chile. So that’s a thing. I was talking to someone from Mexico who served in Vina and she said she couldn’t understand a thing for a week. So I’m going to be mute for a solid month, pero esta bien.
This is our P Day volleyball squad. I hit the ball once. It was pretty thrilling.
Fun Fact: I received the best hands in the district award from Elder Pullman. Don’t make it weird, he just draws hands a lot.
I am the worst at time management and I apologize for my inept emails. I love you all and Feliz Navidad!
Hna Miller

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