New Year, New Continent!

I´m here! I´m in Chile! So much as happened over the past week, I´m not going to be able to do it justice.

I had Christmas in the CCM. We did a service project where we put together packages for newborn babies in the low income clinics around Chile. My heart was so full thinking about these mothers who don´t even have an outfit to take their babies home in. I couldn´t help but think about Mary having to make do in a stable somewhere. If only she could have had a nice little package to greet the most important baby in all of creation.
I got to call my lovely family on Christmas day. I kind of fell apart when I had to hang up, but totally worth it.Christmas night we had a fireside where each group of missionaries (branch) gave a musical number. I somehow became in charge of conducting our huge branch choir. We threw in a soloist and flute for good measure and it turned out great! One thing I loved about the musical numbers by the Latinos in they were so horribly out of key, but they just keep singing their little hearts out. Top of their lungs. No shame. I love it.
We had a gift a white elephant gift exchange, so Hna Anderson and I made ties out of the skirts some Hnas were going to throw away. hashtag ( I can´t figure out these new keyboards) wifeyskills.

dscf2138Here is Elder Sevy wearing the tie I made and holding the gift I got from him. A sock, lint, and earplug and about 25 pesos ($1.25). Thanks bud

Tuesday at 3pm we left for the airport and then I landed in Santiago at 6 in the morning. 8.5 hour flight. With lots of crying babies. When we got to the airport, there wasn´t anyone there waiting for us, so  all four Hermanas going to Viña were wandering around trying to find a phone to call the mission home and all these men are yelling at us asking if we want a taxi. It was crazy. Lets just say there were tears. We finally ran into a guy from the Santiago CCM who called the mission home for us and then people showed up about half an hour latter to pick us up.
We went to the city of Viña and met the mission president. It is such a beautiful city. Especially just coming out of Mexico (no offense…) it is gorgeous. The ocean is right there and the houses are inhabitable. The have really interesting architecture in the city center. It was a foggy morning, s we couldn´t see everything, but it was still gorgeous,
The day proceeded with lots of orientations and training. We were so tired and I had awful vertigo, so I don´t remember a thing. That night, we were assigned our companions, and off we went!
The one to my right is my companion, Hna Lozano. I don´t know why I consistently get the shortest companion in the mission haha. She is from Peru and speaks little to no English. So that´s fun. It really is though, she´s always asking how to say things in English, so we´re learning together.
Not going to lie, it´s been pretty rough since I go here. If anything, I am now fluent in body language. I no when to laugh or gasp or say “¿en serio?”. It´s actually kind of a problem because people think I know what they´re saying. I´ve got to go, but I love you all, I´m safe, the people here are treating me very well!
Con Amor,
Hna Miller
(Additional information from personal letters)
My area is Belloto. It´s in the southern portion right in the center of a town. We’re pretty inland.  It’s not a big city, but it has a Lider (Walmart), Jumbo, and Easy. The only stores a girl could ever need!
I have an hour and a half but I spent half an hour attempting to write my president in Spanish. He speaks zero English. I’m in an internet cafe for video gamers or something like that. I can print, but I have no idea how much it costs.
 Living quarters are really nice. It’s an apartment with just me and my companion. We have three locks and a security system, so were good and safe!

The language is jolly good fun. I´m good until someone asks me a question and then I just say si and they laugh at me and we move on.

My companion is from Peru, she’s been out 7 months and speaks a smidge of English, but not enough to understand me.



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