Incendios y Sandias

Fire and Watermelons
¡Hola Familia y Amigos!
What a week. I decided I´m just going to write my little heart out and hopefully get a decent letter in. So sorry if I don’t respond to you… It’s for the greater good.
Everything the light touches is Belloto.
Shortly after writing you all, my watch broke as I was getting off the micro (micros are small buses that everyone uses to get every where. Loads of fun. We only use them when Hna Lozano is in pain or when we have to travel for her physical therapy appointments). We had a cute little activity with our zone to get to know everyone. I made the mistake of mentioning the miracle of peanut butter to Hna Lozano, so we proceeded to search Jumbo for mantequilla de mani (peanut butter), and sure enough they have it. It´s ridiculously expensive, but I could not talk her out of it. We now eat peanut butter about 3 times a day.
Our daily schedule is half an hour later than typical missionary schedule, so we get up at 7 and go to bed at 11. However, the P day schedule isn´t adjusted, so we have half an hour less time to sleep. It’s sad, I know, but I’m over it.
At 6 we had a mini English class where we just read from the Book of Mormon (them in English and me in Spanish) and I corrected them [on their English]. It´s funny the different accents that people have when they´re speaking English. My companion sounds Asian when she tries to speak English. Pretty funny.
We spend a lot of time doing studies because I have language study for an hour and 1-2 hours of the 12 Semanas program. Basically a CCM refresher course. It’s a good program, but it just always makes me depressed because my companion is asking me all these questions and asking me to expound on my answers and I just don’t have the vocabulary. Pero está bien. We had to go to Viña for Hna Lozano´s therapy. She has scoliosis and fasciitis so we have to take a micro 45 min each day to Viña 2 or 3 times a week.
Lots of contacting. More contacting. We don´t have progressing investigators right now, so we spend a lot of time contacting and with menos activos. But, on the way home we decided to stop by a contact´s house and they just got home and we taught them about the Book of Mormon. So good. It was my first time formally teaching an investigator. Their names are Soña and Gabriela and they are the perfect investigators. Except for the part where they are moving in a week. The struggle.
This one’s for you, Mom, cena (dinner) of champions right here.
I ate my first completo! It’s lovely Chilean bread with a hot dog in the middle with tons of avocado and tomato and mayonesa. Super good. Except the mayonesa part. Every Miercoles we walk with a recent convert, Edith, she recently fell, and has to have someone with her when she´s out of the house. She likes to take pictures of us in front of other people´s houses and put then on Facebook haha. We also met with L M an antigua investigadora, and committed her to baptism. First time. Super cool. Except she has a really messy marriage situation, so it will probably be a good while, but it´s a goal! It´s really hard to get a divorce here, so there are all sorts of messy situations. Another recent convert we have been working with is John of the Fountain. His name is actually Juan de la fuente, but I think I´m funny. He is awesome, but really struggling to understand and desire to read the Book of Mormon. I really feel for him because for him it´s like reading in a different language, and I know what that feels like, so we go through phrase by phrase to find personal meaning for him. Super cool.
Really awesome day. I just woke up and decided that I was going to really focus on following the spirit. So every time I though maybe I should talk to someone, I did. We made lots of really great contacts and gave out 2 copies of the Book of Mormon (which is our goal every day, but we’ve only given out 4 since I got here). Super cool. I feel like I finally found joy in the work Thrusday.
Honestly kind of a nothing day. We had another appointment in Viña, so lots of traveling. There was a community event in the chapel, so we went to contact but that fell through, and every other appointment we had fell through. But, we got free clothes from the Relief Society.
We got to travel to Limache to see the baptism of one of Hna Lozano’s investigators. Super powerful and a good little light of hope. We had a contacting blitz with all the missionaries in our zone in our sector. Really helpful, lots of good contacts to follow up on! During said activity, a investigator-ish called us and said that her family needed some uplifting because her dad got really mad and was beating her last night. Kind of intense. So we went with the Elders (safety first) and just shared a scripture.Turns out, our investigator started doing drugs again. I don´t know, really messy and complicated. But we had a really powerful lesson with them and their family came to church for the first time in years on Sunday. That probably didn’t make any sense. Lo siento.
h-miller-138The baptism of one of Hna Lozanos investigators in Limache.
I had the lovely opportunity of giving a talk. The gift of tongues is real my friends. People actually understood me. Fun fact: our pianist is blind. Luz Maria came to church. We spent a lot of time trying to contact referrals and everything was falling through. We had a lesson with Soña and Gabriella, but they weren´t home. We kept on keeping on and looped back to their house on the way home. By some miracle they were home. We didn´t have much time, so we just shared Alma 32 about faith, but the Spirit was yelling at my to jump into the Restoration, so I went for it. We taught about the first vision and they said they believe it and that they feel really good in their hearts and want to be baptized. So cool. Except for the part where we can´t see them again until next Domingo and then they move. The struggle.
I love you all! Sorry I did not respond to anyone, but now you know a little more about what I actually do over here!
Eat some snow for me!
Hna Laine Miller

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