Hola Amigos

I realized that I never explained my subject heading from last week. There are fires every where here. Last I heard there have been over 80. They are all in the hills around us. I don’t know how many people have been affected, I hear that all of them have been caused by people, so everyone´s starting to freak out a little. It´s hard because I only know what we hear in the street. I just know that ever since I got here there has been a whole lot of smoke on the horizon. But today and yesterday, it’s been smoke in Belloto too. Good and bad. With the smoke it is less hot, so I´ll take it.

Also, every one and their dog gives us watermelons to eat. Melons are a dessert here. And a lot of people make their own juice out of melons just with their blender. And Hna Lozano hates watermelon haha. One day we were given watermelon three times haha too good.
Here´s  quick week run down
Super incredibly hot day. We had a lot of appointments fall through and we were practically running between appointments only for them to not be there. I´ve been chugging water, but I almost passed out. Super hot and dry. Martes was a rough companionship day. I don´t know what our deal was exactly, but we were both just bitter at the world. And hot and tired. Let´s just say neither of us were being the kind of people we want to be. We visited a lot of menos activos. So great but so frustrating. They know it’s true, they agree with everything we say but then they don´t follow through and act on it. We just have to keep on loving. Fun fact: there are a lot of immigrants from Haiti here. We ran in to 4 different people that didn´t speak Spanish, only French. Why am I not from France?
We had to drop a family of investigators. It was upsetting because we were sad about it, but it really didn´t phase them much. Sigh. The member that was going to give us lunch forgot, so she called in for us to get take out at a little Catholic restaurant haha. It´s funny because the “restaurants” here are just chicken, potatoes with mayo, and a salad. Exactly what you would eat at home. They put mayo on everything here. Also, news flash, I like tomatoes [truly a miracle!]. I think it’s because in a salad saturated with vinegar and salt and lemon (the lettuce is literally soggy) tomatoes are my one relief. Miercoles, we went contacting in a new part of our sector that we didn’t know existed. Almost every house here has a little shrine for Virgin Mary out front. It´s like a dog house with a statue of Virgin Mary inside. Contacting is funny here because Chileans hate saying no, so they just give us false addresses or make up a ridiculously busy schedule instead.
Good old weekly planning. It actually was really good. Hna Lozano and I talked some things out and we´ve been a lot better ever since. We´re both learning how to work as a team more. As a newbie, I have to do a lot of just following and I am an incredibly prideful person and have a hard time with that. We had a lesson with Javiera, a super awesome recent convert… but she has not come to church in about a month now. Sigh. But we’re working on getting her more involved.
Oh the journeys. So we had a lesson with our contact, ‘I’. We show up at his house and he is clearly high (Hna Lozano was oblivious, but I´m from Washington so I know these things). He wanted to go have a lesson at the park near by where he was going to meet up with his buddy. We were totally in the middle of  drug deal. He kept counting the money in his pocket and looking around for his friend. But, never fear, we did not go to the park. We lied a little and said that we have an appointment and rescheduled. When we return, we are bringing a member with us and hopefully his head will be  little more out of the clouds.
I don´t know if I´ve talked about this before, but in Chile, there is so much cheek kissing. So much. Like we talk to someone for 5 seconds in the street, they kiss us. As missionaries, we aren´t allowed to beso (kiss) men, which gets awkward. One time a grandma got really mad at us because we couldn´t beso her 20 something grandson. The adventures.
We had a Noche de Hogar (mid day feast) with the bishop and he invited his nonmember niece. She´s 11 and super sweet. She wants to learn more, so we have another kind-of investigator. Kind-of because she doesn´t technically live in our ward… We´ll see.
Fun fact: I saw someone walk barefoot in their house for the first time this week. Everyone is always wearing shoes. Always. Even in the shower. Also, you name the type of shoe and Chile has a platform version of it.
Welp, my time just suddenly ran out, so you´ll just have to wait till next week. Sorry folks.
Love you all!
Hna  Miller
PS here is a brief tour of the micro. Enjoy.

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