What Time is it Anyway

Welp. Here we are. Last week of the transfer. I didn’t quite finish telling about last week, so I’ll give a quick summary:

-It’s weird watching your president give a speech in Spanish followed by a bunch of Chileans telling you all about US polotics. Oh the power of TV…
-Cars have stickers that say “baby on board” in English. I don’t understand. Why English?
-people like to practice English phrases with me. My favorite so far is “your hair’s funky but I like it” too good.
-we found an old investigator who wants so be baptized! Super cool. His name is Christopher and all he wants to know is what he has to do to be baptized. We have a lot to teach him, but I have faith we’re going good places!
That’s about it. now for speed round of this week
Miracles are real because we played Ultimate Frisbee as a Zone and I killed it. Just saying.
I had the privilege of seeing my first dead dog. We had Noche de Hogar con la familia Becerra. Their son is super inactive in the church, but he asked a question that I really like. Did God create us in His image, or do we create God in our image? I think this is a question we need to regularly reflect on. Are we trying to modify God to fit our preferences, or are we modifying our lives to become more like Him? It was a good discussion and I think it really caught him off guard that I didn’t try to strike him down for his question.


Fun Fact: around 5 the air is filled with the sweet smell for fresh bread. There are tiny stores on the corner of ever neighborhood. They sell bread, juice, pop, ice cream, empanadas, cheese, and meat. All the essentials for a solid Once. Once is at 8 or 9 and its usually bread, cheese, and wine… but for Mormons it’s herbal tea.


We had a nice little trio with John of the Fountain. We visited a lot of different people. Familia Morales is doing a lot better and they are able to see their reliance on God. They’ve been at church the past 3 weeks now. Such a miracle. We also visited a man named Raul who has a duck. He just likes to debate, so we’ll probably have to drop him, but his duck is cool. Good ole English classes again. I still can’t get over how funny it is every time Gustavo says “the Lord” with his British accent. Too good. Also a drunk man hit Hna Lozano’s backpack because she didn’t give him paper. But all is well.
We had a world wide conference with all sorts of changes. We only have 4 key indicators now: baptisms, confirmations, investigators at church, and new investigators. Also we basically have to make our own schedule. We only have personal study and daily planning in the morning and we have to plan the rest in our day. When we come home we don’t have planning, so we’re allowed to go to bed early. And on P day we only have personal study, so P day starts at 8:30. Super nice. It’s harder for my companion to adjust because she’s so used to the old schedule, but I dig it.We also had a mini lesson with a super good contact named Francisco. I think he has a lot of potential!
I had the lovely privledge of leading weekly planning. Let’s just say it was really long.  We also had our last therapy appointment with J M. Hence the selfie below. Little to no proselitismo.
Zone Conference! Our mission president is great. He would be even more great if I could understand him. Pero està bien. The lovely mother of one Hermana in our zone sent us all matching shirts with our name and mission on them. Pretty fly. After the conference we had our last lesson with the incredible Gabriel before she leaves. We sent her off with a baptism date and she is anxious to find missionaries near her. We’ll keep seeing her mom though. Sigh. So sad.
We went to visit an investigator-ish and while we were there her abusive ex boyfriend rang the doorbell. We sat in eerie silence and said a prayer and he stopped ringing and left. Really powerful experience. We are definitely protected out here. We spent a lot of the day finding contacts who gave us false addresses. We were about to go to the next appointment when I felt like we should pass by an old contact of ours. As we were walking we passed a young man named Leonard. Turns out he has was a reference that the Young Men’s president wanted to give us but didn’t know where he lived. He’s anxious to learn!
When we left our apt for church we were met by a dog who followed us all the way to church. Afterwards, we were in a lesson and she found us again and followed us to all our appointments that day haha. Her name is Maxine. John of the Fountain is finally starting to understand the Book of Mormon! Yay progress!
Today we went shopping and had a Zone Nerf war. Except they more like spit wad guns. super fun.

Gotta run!
Love you all and keep studying your scriptures!
Hna Laine Miller

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