Semana de Milagros

Well, if we’re being real, every week is a week of miracles, I guess this week I was just a little better at seeing them. We had cambios [changes/ transfers] yesterday, but sure enough, I’m staying in Belloto with Hna Lozano!


Last picture of our District together

Here’s this week:
We had a lesson with a recent convert in the home of a member, which was awesome, I love working directly in the homes of members. Sometimes it’s a little tricky because they tend to run away with the conversation and we have to pull the lesson back to the center. Also, I’m finding that with Chileans if you want to speak, you’ve gotta bud in, and you have to do it fast. So in other words, I hardly got a word in.
Noche de Hogar with family Baccera was good as always. Edith loves to shower us with cookies. Literally every time we see her she has some sugar item for us. And she gave me the sweetest little bracelet with stones that are supposed to bring me energy. I’ll keep you posted on how that works out for me.
Kind of emotionally draining. In one day we found out that one investigator has severe bipolar disorder and all sorts of complications that come with that AND that an inactive member that we’ve been working with wants to kill himself. But all in all it was a really good day. Very guided by the Spirit kind of day. We were able to finally find a contact, Paula and talk with her about the Book of Mormon. It was hard to tell how much of it she was following or if she was very interested, but she agreed to a follow up visit. We had some interesting contacts. Every time someone initiates conversation with us, we know they’re a member, Evangelico, or eternal investigator. For example we were walking down the street and this guy jumps up and asks “What is the significance of 666?” He was looking for a fight, but we just gave a really tranquil response with testimony of a principle of the gospel. Then he said something about how my name was German [it’s actually English] and gave the all hail Hitler sign; then proceeded to to repeat this every time I spoke. Oh Chile.
One of the assistants to the mission president called us at 5 and challenged us to set a baptism date with someone before 8. At first, I wasn’t really feeling it because missionary work isn’t a game, but I decided to go about it with an attitude of prayer. We talked to Mary for the first time, we went for the baptism date of Feb 19, and she agreed to pray about it. Kinda crazy. I’m hoping it doesn’t scare her off, We walk down the street and we run in to Leonardo, a contact from last week. We followed up on the Book of Mormon and taught about baptism and he agree to a baptism date of Feb 19, he just wants to talk to his parents about it. We keep walking down the street and we run into Cristofer, an investigator who wants to be baptized, but we haven’t been able to contact him for a week because something is wrong with his phone. We didn’t set a date with him because he wants to come to church first, but still a miracle that we ran into him.
The last district meeting. Sadness. This district has been really great. Hna Lozano is the only Latino in our district, and she hates it. But I secretly love that once a week I can have a little moment of being a normal human that has a sense of humor. (for the record we still speak solo español in meetings, it’s not like we’re discriminating. I can just make English jokes here and there and it’s a nice breath of fresh air. Just in case you were concerned).
We had our first appointment with the new Kinesiologist ( I haven’t the slightest idea how to spèll that in english or spanish). It’s different for sure, but I think it will be really good for Hna Lozano. They know specifically what the problem is now, so the progress should be a lot more noticeable. The doctors aren’t Mormons in this office, so that makes things more interesting too haha.
This week we met another tragically open minded man. Tragically because every word he says is in accordance with the teachings of the gospel, he just doesn’t want to commit to anything. Sigh.
I am learning that Spanish is the least of my communication problems. Hna Lozano is really good about when we have companionship inventory every week just telling me when something isn’t jiving. Honestly, right now we work together, we live together and don’t have any big problems, but I had the rude awakening that my compañion has no way of knowing that I love her any more than any other person on the street. Kind of an epic fail moment.
We met a member from another ward and he really wants to get involved with missionary work, so he did some visits with us. He really likes to buy us things. Empanadas. Socks. Pastries. Gatorade. Also… we didn’t know that he has only been active for 3 weeks haha. But all was well. Our investigators liked him more than us haha. We visited Raul from last week and he read in the Book of Mormon! We gave him a note that said Alma 41, but he read verse 41 of some random chapter in Alma. Sure enough, it was a great verse and we were able to teach about it. He kept referring to the Libro de Mormón as the word of God… he reminds me of Heidi before she was baptized 🙂
We had miracle contacts with Joaquin and Leonardo. Another lesson with Familia Morales. They are progressing a lot. They´re reading together, but they still don’t quite understand the accepting God’s will gig. But it’s coming.
And I’m out of time. Sorry folks, I got caught up in the details.

Ice cream: universal language of joy

Love you all!
Hna Laine Miller

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