La Motaña Rusa de Vida

Oy vey. What a week. I use that phrase a lot and it is very not Spanish and I consistently get weird looks. Also this week every person I talk to just wanted to tell me about Donald Trump. Sigh. #gringoprobs This week Hna Lozano and I started out super strong, but digressed a bit as the week went on. Communication is hard. This whole foreign language thing is a kick in the pants sometimes. But, we are on the path to recovery! Hna Lozano has been in a lot of pain and I’m still learning what exactly I can do to help her out… but we’re learning!

Quick summary of this week:
We found an amazing new investigator and she’s reading in the Book of Mormon and we taught the restoration and she wants to be baptized… but she technically lives in a diferent ward. So we can’t teach her anymore. The the Relief Society President went with us to invite her neighbor to a Noche de Hogar. She’s really excited to share with them! They’re a cute little family with a lot of potential! Noche de Hogar with Familia Bacerra was great as always. We taught about why families are so important to the restoration.
We had our first full lesson with Leo. He is so awesome. He read the intro to the BoM and the first chapters in Nephi. He’s really searching and testing everything. We moved his baptism date to the 5 of March because he wasn’t able to attend church, but we have a lot of faith in him! We had therapy so that was a good 3 hour chunk of our day. We finished off with Ingles con Gustavo and we taught about our purpose as missionaries. It’s a bit of an interesting situation with him. We’ll see where that goes.
A whole bunch of lessons fell through. But, we were able to pass by an inactive member’s house and have a lesson with her. We spent the majority of the day cooking with Hermana Barría for her Noche de Hogar. Hna Lozano made a classic Peruana dish that I cannot remember what is called to be honest, but it was yummy! We ended up talking with the neighbors she invited about why we have missionary work in the church and Hna Barría bore a super strong testimony of the blessings that came in her life from the service of her sons.
We finally had another lesson with Cristofer! We are starting from the top with him, to verify how much he understands of what we teach. We taught the restoration and he has a solid testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. I’m still struggling to figure out this whole teaching thing. Half the time I feel like I just confuse people more than I help them. But, this is why we have companions, no? We passed by Raul really quick and he loves the Book of Mormon, we just haven’t gotten him to admit it yet:) He told us that he forgot to read, but before we could suggest that we read together, he was reading the passage out loud to us. We had taught the Restoration to Leo with Carlos and it was super great. Juan talked about how he received his answer to be baptized and I think that helped a lot. Our biggest struggle with teaching Leo is the lessons are always really big. But, we’ve got some ideas up our sleeves:)
Therapy day again! And right after therapy we had correlation meeting and our 2 appointments that day fell through, so not much to report.
Our first district meeting of the transfer. Elder Hansen and I are the only gringos now. We have great new Elders with lots of good diferent insights. It’s a bit of a struggle because I can’t really understand our district leader over the phone… but está bien haha. Another lesson with Leo… It was a bit of a struggle. Hna Lozano and I bit off a bit more than we could chew. But we are learning.
We had lots of menos activos in church! 111 people attended! Big deal. But… no investigators. We waited for half an hour to meet up with Cristofer, but he never came and never answered his phone. Sad face. Sunday was a make appointments for the week kind of day. But we finished the day with Hna Gonzalez and an old missionary from 6 years ago who came to visit. So much yummy bread:)
And thats about it folks. Sorry. Boring week. And no pics. Lo siento.
Love you all! Have a lovely Valentines day! They don’t really believe in that here and it hurts my heart a litle.
Con amor,
Hna Miller

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