Fun fact, we don’t knock doors here, we saludamos. Meaning, you stand outside someone’s gate and yell ¡Halo! (it’s like hola backwards). And then you watch everyone hide from you, and then you go to the next gate.

Weekly Run Down:
P-Day. We strictly budgeted 3 hours for sleeping. Well, Hna Lozano slept and I cleaned my bathroom because there is no ventilation in my bathroom, so mold is a problem. Every week. The Familia Morales is doing so good! We went by their house and there was so much joy and happiness between them. They have the Spirit in their home again! And they gave us peaches and paltas. All good things. I don’t know why we buy groceries, because after that, Edith gave us a bag full of yogurt and peaches. She bought me special gringa yogurt and said that Hna Lozano can’t eat it haha… It had nuts in it… I guess she thinks gringas really like nuts… I don’t know why, but I’ll take it!
Good ole Replica. We enjoyed French Toast with a side of technical difficulties. But once we conquered all that, we talked a lot about focusing on the changes from the world conference. We are really focusing on finding the escogidos y nada más (chosen and nothing more). Missionaries. Go big or go home. Dia de los Amarados (Valentines Day) isn’t nearly as big here as it is in the states. We had an appointment in Viña and on every corner there was someone selling big balloons and roses. And people … passionately kissing everywhere. Like on the steps to the Cathedral. Everywhere. Also, we witnessed someone rob a baby. Low move, am I right? We called L. at night to share a scripture and see how he’s feeling about his baptism and he said he’s losing interest. My heart just sunk. Let’s just say it was a night of a whole lot of prayers.
We tried to go contacting in a part of our sector that we didn’t know existed, but everyone was sleeping… almuerzo probs. We met one cute little old man who was very receptive, but we didn’t realize until we asked him to give the prayer that he has some kind of serious memory issues. We tried explaining how to pray to him, but every time he just read the steps. So Hna Lozano gave the prayer and after every phrase he yell Amen! haha too good. We had a lesson with Leo. The mission is focusing in using a baptismal calendar to show our investigators their time table with their goals and to put more commitment behind lessons. So we whipped out a calendar with L. and he agreed to a date for his baptismal interview and wants to see from there. But all isn’t lost! He’s still listening. He’s still receptive. He’s just a boy.
We had a lesson with O. y J., the neighbors of Hna Barria. They are fatally open minded, but we talked a lot about the blessings of the gospel for families and they agreed to read in the Book of Mormon, so we’ll see! Also, key moment of my mission so far: J. asked me to interpret what Hna Lozano was trying to say. She told me that I am easier to understand than Hna Lozano. I have arrived! Just kidding, she’s crazy, I don’t know why she said that.
We met Brazilian Mormons on the micro to Viña! We had lots and lots of lessons with recent converts and menos activos.
The Festival de Viña has begun! Apparently it’s a really big deal and all the famous people of South America come and everyone watches it on TV and it’s right next to the therapy for Hna Lozano. We had a lesson with an antiguo investigator, and it’s really hard to decide if we should jump back in. We’ll see.
Lesson with L., he’s agreeing to keep the commandments and is reading the Book of Mormon still… we gave him the book of Mormon with pictures too and that’s helping him stay engaged. Pres Diaz came to our stake for the Adult Stake Conference and met L., pretty cool.
I saw my 2nd dead dog! And we had Stake conference with 2 members of the 70. We found a new investigator in the the same house-ish thing that Tiarr lived in, so we have now taught 4 different people in that little house.
And that’s time. Sorry folks. But most importantly, I’ve really been focusing on finding the Savior in everything I do this week, and I just want to leave my testimony that the Atonement is real. The power of Christ in our lives is real. It isn’t just a nice idea we talk about, it’s how people really change. It’s why we get back up and try again. We can become great through Him.
Love you all!
Hna Miller
Here  is a poor-quality photo for your entertainment. Enjoy.



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