Bella Belloto

What a week. I feel like I say that every week, but it’s because every week is a whirlwind! My birthday was great! Hna Lozano and I treated ourselves to something different and ate our almuerzo on our tiny little balcony to our apartment for drying our clothes. I had lovely surprises from members for my birthday with a lovely cake from Hermana Morales and hamburgers and fries from Gustavo (because that’s all that Americans eat, right?) and another cake from Hermana Bacerra. I felt a little bad because we didn’t get much done because everyone just wanted to give me cake haha. Also, here you have to bite your cake. And then some one usually smashes your face in the cake. Thankfully I was protected by members and no face smashing happened. DSCF2241DSCF2247


We had therapy this week as always and I almost learned how to pronounce kinesiologo. And we taught one of the therapists about the Book of Mormon. He’s totally going to get baptized one day. He just has to get married first…. Oh Chileans. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find married couples here.
We have been teaching an antiguo investigadora and we found out that she doesn’t believe that God has power. Like she doesn’t believe that any of the the Bible or BoM is real, just stories. And she’s read the entire BoM 2 times. I don’t know what to think of this woman.
Good old Raul. We taught him this week about the Doctrine of Christ and he wants to be baptized, but wants to read more of the Book of Mormon first. Now he just needs to get married… But he came to church and it was really great. An amazing testimony meeting. He’s going to have lots of questions, but really good. The ward got really excited about having an investigator there and started sharing testimony of their experiences of conversion and feeling the Spirit. Super amazing. I didn’t realize that the gospel has only been here since the 70s so almost all the adults are converts.
And….. WE FOUND A FAMILY! Familia  Valdes Or rather they found us. We were walking and Hermana Lozano made a contact with them and the mom asked how we baptize in our church and said that she wants her kids to get baptized. We had the first lesson with them on Friday, and they are so on board. And they’re married! And their kids are so attentive it’s insane. Bruno is only 7, but he asks the best questions and he said the closing prayer and it was just precious.
On Saturday we had to take a sick day for Hna Lozano. She’s got some weird stuff going on with her stomach… to be honest I have zero health terms vocab so I really don’t know what’s happening. All I know is I got to take a solid 2 hour nap.
Sorry to be so brief again, but I love you all to pieces!
Hermana Miller

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