For The Love

¡Hola todos! What a week, what a life.

I could just spend this whole email talking about how much I love the Familia Valdes. The struggle right now is that the mom is always taking care of her screaming baby, so we can only teach the kids. And Silvana is always throwing toys at my head. But we taught Bruno and Krisna the Restoration and they just ate it up. We had a ward activity in Viña and we got permission from Presidente to go with Familia Valdes. Sweet Pacific Ocean how I missed you. During the activity, Bruno kept on asking me questions about the Book of Mormon and Jesus. I’m just in love with this little boy. On Sunday only Bruno was able to come to church, but he walked over all by him self and went to all 3 hours! And, we found out that he’s actually 10 years old haha. And he asked us for a new reading assignment in the Book of Mormon because he already read the one we left for him. I just love him a lot and I hope one day I can have a little boy as precious as him.
Raul is still going strong, we finally taught all of the Restoration and he’s all about it and we had a really awesome concise and powerful lesson with him. He could come to church because he’s a fisherman and I guess the seas were really crazy this weekend. And he still thinks he has to read all of The Book of Mormon to be baptized, but he has progressed SO much from the man who just wanted to Bible bash. Paciencia:)
This week I’m finishing up my training, so I have to lead with everything. We’ve been spending a lot of time contacting and we’ve met a lot of great people. Carol just moved here from Venezuela and is really interested. We met Myra and her baby Maria Gracia on the street and she invited us into her house and we talked about the Book of Mormon with her. We met Marcela and her family in the calle [street] yesterday and she said she wants us to teach her daughters about Jesus.
Friday we had Zone Conference and conferences are so much more fun when you can understand things. I learned a lot about putting more faith in my goals. I love the example of Nephi when he said that he will not return to the tent of his father with out doing all the things he was commanded. I’m really working hard to have the same mentality. Also, I was reading in Predicad Mi Evangelio [Preach My Gospel] and it basically said that if you aren’t following the Spirit, you are denying the power of God. That called me to repentance real hard and I’ve really focusing on just going for it. Just contacting every person I see. Just inviting them to church. Just giving them a Book of Mormon. And honestly that’s when I find joy and that’s when God can open doors for us. I’m finding more and more that I don’t find people, I don’t do anything. I put in all the effort I can and God trusts me with opportunities to teach.
Also, getting on my soap box for a minute. Please, just get to know people. Just make friends. You don’t even have to preach to them, just make friends that aren’t Mormon. It is 20x easier to get someone to listen to us when they have some kind of personal experience with a Mormon. Perferably a good experience, but I’ll take what I can get.
Go make friends! I love you!
Hermana Miller
P.S. Here’s pictures in Viña with Bruno and Krisna and a picture with Bruna at church and Hna Lozano wearing a Navy hat thing of a recent convert we met.

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