This Place is the Fleas Knees

Well folks. It happened. I have fleas. But not really, my bed has fleas. Turns out that the Chilean flea is a very advanced critter and has evolved more than any other little bug you’ll meet on the street. So today we had to bring my sheets to Viña and the pensionero is going to treat them with this stuff that kills fleas on contact. Apparently they use in in the Army, and supposedly it won’t kill me. Only time will tell!

What even happened this week? We finally had another lesson with Luz Maria to drop her as an investigator. It was pretty cool because we didn’t really know how to start and she said something about how we left her a scripture in Alma 30 and it talked about the Spirit World and Spirit Prison and we basically just told her that if she really believes this stuff is true she’s gotta act to end up where she wants to be. It was hard and sad, but definitely guided by the Spirit.
We had to do a little splits gig because we had a Noche de Hogar and Ingles class at the same time and that was good fun. And weird to be away from my compañion.
On Thursday we had a little lesson with a contact from the street who said she just let us in because we looked like we were starving and tired (accurate). We had a little lesson, but then her Uncle came home and we got some really weird vibes from him so we booked it out of there. We didn’t even close with a prayer we felt like we needed to get out of there so fast. It was weird, but I’ve definitely learned to just take the Spirit’s word for it.
Not going to lie, this week was kinda rough. lots of fallen appointments and then we visited a lot of people and had lots of inspired lessons, and then no one came to church. Sometimes it’s hard to maintain the faith that people can genuinely change. Especially with Chileans, they don’t want to say no to anything, so we get a lot of empty promises.
Friday we had intercambios again and I had the lovely opportunity of leading in my sector for the first time. It actually went really well. Hermana Haddon is amazing at making inspired questions. I realized that I’ve gotten a little too comfy lately and turned into a bit of a robot missionary. I’m really trying to focus on making every opportunity a teaching opportunity.
AND…. BRUNO IS GOING TO GET BAPTIZED!! I swear I just love this little boy with all my heart. We went by so a lesson and his sister was sick and his mom was busy with the baby, but Bruno still really wanted a lesson. We started out and asked him if he prayed to know if our message is true. One thing I love is every time we ask a question, we have to wait a little while, but he always answers so simply, but profound. He said he wasn’t really sure how to explain it, but when he was praying he felt like there was someone right next to him and he just felt warm inside and happy. I almost started crying. How many times have I invited people to read and pray and promised they would get an answer but they aren’t diligent and don’t ask or they don’t have a desire to act so they don’t feel an answer. I was starting to forget that answers really do come. And it reminded me of when I was a little girl and I realized what the Atonement meant and I prayed to know that God could forgive me and I had the same experience, like someone was right next to me. We taught the Doctrine of Christ and after asked him if he wanted to follow the doctrine of Christ and live with God again and he said yes. So we set his baptism date for April 1st with his mom. His mom was a little hesitant, but Bruno said, no I felt like someone was with me, so I know I can do it. I just love this little boy.
But… I’m getting transferred!! to Achupallas. It’s in Viña and I get a lot of mixed reactions from the members, so we’ll see.  Should be an adventure! Ojala que [hopefully] Presidente will let me go to Bruno’s baptism.
I love you all!
Hermana Miller

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