Príncipe de Paz

Hello family! What a week.

To start off, we had a rep`lica meeting and we learned that our mission has been selected to do a special Easter event in correlation with the world wide Principe de Paz blitz [video explaining event]. We are handing out cards with a picture of Christ on the front, nothing more. It’s great because everyone wants one, but also kind of a problem because everyone wants to pray to them haha [learn about how we pray here]. We’re having like an open house in the Stake center to learn about the church and Christ and all that miraculous stuff. It’s going to be a really big event for members and nonmembers alike in the whole stake. I have to memorize my little part as a tour guide. Every time I practice, my companion just laughs at me. I’ll take it as a good sign.

Hna Hernandez and I making her version of pancakes (very different)

So many miracles this week I have to just pick a few to share. On Wednesday, we spent the whole day walking and contacting. We had 4 citas and they all fell through. I got to know those sweet sweet hills all too well. We made 38 contacts that day. That might not sound like many, but our daily goal is 20 and that requires effort. It was 9:00 we still had half an hour and it’s kind of sketchy to contact people walking in the street that late. So we started knocking all the houses that still had lights. We knock one door (well actually we yelled out side of her house, Chilean version of knocking doors) and a Brazilian woman opens the door. We give the run down that are missionaries and want to share a message of Jesus Christ. She leaves, and we just waited outside her gate. She comes back, and she’s gathering children to “listen to the good word”. She invites us in and we taught her and a little boy about The Book of Mormon and baptism. She made us once [afternoon tea/snack] and we’re about to leave to have almuerzo [typically a multi-course lunch] at her house right now. Her name is Ana and she works in a Brazilian restaurant. She lives with her friend and her two kids from Colombia and another friend from Venezuela. And they are so ready to be baptized! They didn’t commit all the way because they want to ask God first, but I think that’s pretty fair.
Conference was a beautiful thing. I got to watch it in English and listening to Elder Eyring speak was like listening to my dad. Not going to lie, it was startling to see so may white people in one place. Elder Rasband’s talk really hit me. The Spirit is our amigo and we really ought to listen to Him!

This is how we watch #ldsconf

I love you all a lot and hopefully next week I’ll be able to write more!
Hermana Miller

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