Yee Gats

Pucha. [Wow.] What a week. I had to spend almost all of my time today finding and downloading videos in French, so sorry this is really brief.

This week we really focused on investigators first. It ticked off a few members because we had to skip onces and a correlacion meeting, but we’re seeing miracles from our sacrifices of time #sorrynotsorry
The lovely Maria trimmed my hair for me and let me use her electronic massage bed (aka cama de milagros [bed of miracles]). We felt like we should visit this old investigator that wasn’t really progressing, so we did. Still not really interested, but we gave it one last push and have a final cita to see if she prayed about it.
We’re walking up this ridiculously large hill and meet a lady named Carmen. She tells us that she’s going blind and we told her that God has a plan for her and she invited us to her house. We taught her, her grandson, and spouse and they said they want to be baptized! We had The baptism date for Marco as 8th, but we passed by his house and he’s smoking again. And now he’s talking about how he worships the three kings and believes there isn’t one church of God. All sorts of apostasy. That broke me because we have put so much faith and work and tears into this man and he was all words. That night, our Zone Leaders were coordinating everything so that I could go on Saturday for Bruno’s baptism in Belloto. And we found out that something happened and he doesn’t have permission from his parents anymore. You could say I was a bit of a mess.
We put post-baptism goals with Andres and he’s pumped to serve a mission as soon as he finishes his year mark. But he says he wants to serve for 6 years haha.
We felt like we should go past the house of a contact as she said that she was just about to call us because she decided her family needs the unity of the gospel. She investigated when she was 16 and wants her kids to know God. It was funny because I really needed to use the bathroom, so I asked if I could and she said no because they don’t have water. I thought it was a joke because people say stuff like that all the time. Nope not a joke. They’ve gone 6 months without water.
We received a reference for Brayan who is so read to get baptized. Really sketchy past life, but he is super ready to change. Also we talked to our Haitian friends frankly about the lay de castidad and they are all about it. We just need papers to go through to have the wedding!
We put a baptism date with Fabian, but he doesn’t want to give up Regueton. Remember that not progressing investigator? We went by her house and found her son Dani. I don’t have more time so I’ll just tell you the short version. He came to church on SUnday and he feels like this is God’s church! All we have to do is put his baptism date on Martes in our cita!
Long of the short of it, Brian told us he doesn’t want to get baptized anymore yesterday and craziness happened, but we’re still seeing miracles every day!
Love you all!
PS We finally went to the highest hill in our sector and you can see the ocean and it’s beautiful.
And for my mom, this is the state of my shoes.
And this is fruit of Chile and I love it. The yellow one is Membrillo and it’s like an apple and a lemon had a baby.
And if you ever start to feel proud of your tan lines, know that I am still winning.

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