And So She Wrote

This is the worst keyboard in the entire world. My hands hurt from typing.

To sum things up. Daniel is amazing. He read all of the introduction and testimonies in the Book of Mormón and he knows it’s true. He knows it so hard. What I love is that he know it logically and he feels it. He understands everything so well. And he’s the first investigator I’ve had that actually reads the pamphlets we leave. So really all we have to do is answer questions in the lessons. Our lesson on Monday was in his house with his mom, and we invited him to be baptized and he felt it so strong. He said no, but it was different from any other no I’ve ever gotten. I didn’t immediately feel disappointed and sad. I knew that he would eventually accept it and he knew that he would too. After that he asked if we could have the next lessons somewhere else. Since then we’ve had lessons in the houses of members. He told us he doesn’t want to get baptized because of the toll it will take on his family, but he knows this is the church of God and he can’t deny it. HE’S GETTING BAPTIZED ON SUNDAY! He came to church yesterday in a suit! The progress of this kid kills me.
And Valeria. She’s amazing. She’s telling everyone that she’s going to be mormon. She gave away her Restoration pamphlet to her Evangelico friend. We’re working on smoking right now, but she is so ready to be baptized with her kids on the 30th! Sunday when we came to pick them up for church, they said Cristian couldn’t come because of his game, but they couldn’t find the coach and he “had to” come. Milagros.
 DSCF2340We had a Zone Conference and I found the lovely Hermana Canterbury.


We also had the Príncipe de Paz activity. And a million other things, but I am chata de este keyboard.
Hermana Miller

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