Shakey, shakey, shakey, terremoto

I HAD MY FIRST TEMBLOR! Okay, to be fair there have been others but I am always so exhausted I don’t feel a thing. But on Saturday night we were laying in our beds moments from sleeping and it started to moan and then it started to shake. It was so fun! I loved it. I wanted more. It was 30 seconds max. A little disappointing. Turns out it was 6.0. In any other place that would bring down buildings, but not in Chile! All my wildest dreams finally came true. Fun fact: in Spanish there are two different words for earthquake. Temblor is just a little shakey, but terremoto is when all heck breaks loose. This was just a temblor.
So, Daniel didn’t get baptized this week. We had touched the topic of all the commandments, but we still hadn’t committed him specifically. Super rookie mistake, I know, but he drank tea on Thursday, so we had to push his baptism to this Sunday. But it all works out because we have Stake Conference this week, so he would have had to wait 2 weeks to be confirmed, so it’s all good. And he’s so well read. And so awesome. He knows as many members as I do, because we have every lesson in the house of a different member. He was sad we had to move his baptism date, but more than anything he’s so concerned that he will die between now and next week, because he won’t go to Spirit Paradise haha.

Daniel and Familia Munoz (I promise he doesn’t hate us)


This is the lovely couch in our apartment where I fall asleep writing in my journal every night.

Zone conference pics!

Judge me.
Sorry I’m the worst. But that’s all I have time for right now.
Love you all!
Hermana Miller
P.S. (Note from Author / Sister)
Hermana got her wish! More earthquakes
You can track any earthquakes happening, or happened.
Here is a map of the area affected, Laine is on the North end of the yellow mark, close to the shore. Luckily there was no tsunami risk.
No damage has been reported, that I can find yet. Our wonderful God is watching over us through the moments of shakes AND stability.

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