Cuando yo me bautice

MY FIRST BAPTISM! It happened! People really can stick to their commitments and overcome trials and come to Christ. It’s incredible. We really didn’t do much to help Daniel. We just provided the resources and he practically baptized himself. Funny story with that: we’re at the baptism and they kept the doors closed until they were all ready. We heard a splash and Hermanas Hernandez said, “se cayó” and I said no he didn’t fall, he just walked into the water fast or something. But then they opened to doors and there’s Daniel soaking wet shaking. Turns out that without his glasses he really can’t see anything and he fell in the baptismal font. And, naturally, the water heater didn’t do a thing. So it was freezing water. So he really did try to baptize himself haha. I can’t stop laughing every time I think about when they opened the doors and he was just standing there already wet and shaking. Oh gosh, kills me every time.

H Miller 222
But, another miracle was that his mom came to his baptism! We had talked to her a lot about the baptism but she didn’t really want to come and he said she was busy or something  that day, but she showed up after all! And the end of the baptism he bore his testimony and it was so simple and so beautiful and I was so happy.
Also, don’t know if you’ve all heard, but we’ve have a whole lot of earthquake action going on around here I love it, but the members who sit in their houses watching the TV freak out a little. The scary thing is when there’s a possibility of tsunami. The earthquake on Monday was 7.1 and the tsunami warnings started on everyone’s phones and from what I heard and saw it was pure hysteria in Viña.
And, this week we have cambios! I’m sticking around here in Reñaca Alto, but Hermana Hernandez is heading to Viña Centro. I have no idea who my companion will be still.
I love you all chao!
 Hermana Miller
H Miller 220H Miller 226

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