Cantando en la lluvia

La shuvia la shuvia [the rain]. My companion is from Argentina and so it’s cute how she says her ll in words like ella, calle, or llaves. I love it.

This week we had interviews with Presidente Diaz in our houses, so we spent the first part of the week pretty focused on getting everything ready for that. We were putting goals with Daniel this week and he’s so awesome. He committed to prepare himself to serve a mission and he’s so pumped. I got real scared for a little bit because we passed by on Friday and he said he’s been attacked with temptations with week with all the commandments and he set up an interview with the bishop to work it all out, but he didn’t want to tell us what happened. He had his interview and everything was good for him to receive the priesthood on Sunday. It seems like he thought that being tempted was sinning and in the end he was just overthinking everything haha. AND I realized that I might be able to be there when he goes through the temple. When I finish my mission in May 2018 I’ll go to the temple with all the other missionaries, and it just so happens that Daniel will hit his 1 year mark in May 2018. I’m crossing my fingers and praying a lot that one works out because it would be amazing.
This week Antioneta and Pedro fell off the face of the earth. We couldn’t find them at all. We called them and they hung up on us. We passed by their house when the door was open and the lights on and no one came out. But yesterday we finally got a hold of her and she said that her sister is really sick and is living with her now and she has to take her to all her medical appointments. BUT she said that they’ve been reading and praying together. They still haven’t come to church and that’s what worries me more than anything, but I think I just need to take a chill pill and be patient with them. It also seems like she thinks in order to receive us in her house she has to give us Once. Which I will always accept once, but I’d rather just be able to verify their progress.
We found some new people to teach this week which is really good because we were starting to loose some steam lately. We found this little old lady who at first said that her husband was a member but she wasn’t, but every time since then that we’ve passed by there’s another person in her family that is actually a member that we didn’t know about. Including she is actually a member. But it seems like she’s been going to some Evangilca churches because everytime she wants to read a scripture she can’t finish it because she starts uncontrolably sobbing. And when we pray she says things like “oh please Jesus!”. It makes lessons interesting.
Thursday it rained so hard. My poor little Hermana Rojas doesn’t have clothes for the rain, she has boots and a coat, but they just got soaked through and the wind destroyed her umbrella, so she could only see my feet under her floppy umbrella. It was really pathetic to watch. I’ve never been so grateful for rainboots in my life. We went to Maria’s house and she took us in and hung up all of Hermana Roja’s clothes around the fire to dry. It was so humbling to watch her serve us as she dried our feet with a hair blow dryer. It was like in the Bible when the woman washed the Savior’s feet with her tears but in reverse. She made us sopa pias and swaddled us in blankets and drove us to our apartment. I love that little woman.
It was so great to talk with the fam yesterday. I’m sad that I forgot to take a picture, but I doubt I’ll forget it 🙂 It was weird to realize that my mind is in a different world now. I loved hearing little voices of the nieces and nephews and seeing that they all live and are okay.
Times up, but I love you all:)
Hermana Miller

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