Progress is an unsteady process

Welp. Lots of adventures this week. This was the week of falling appointments. I’m used to it because such is the life of a missionary, but Hermana Barney gets really disappointed every time. This whole gringa companion gig is different. I can tell you that I’ve gotten better at speaking Spanish in the past two weeks than any other period of time in my mission. The power of necessity! The only problem is I don’t know how to create that necessity for my companion. I can always respond in Spanish, but I can’t not understand her when she talks to me in English haha. But I also love it because a little bit of my personality is still in English, so it’s been nice to have that back. Also, she’s not a proud, stubborn brat like I was in my first cambio. I am SOO grateful for that.
Remember Pedro and Antioneta? We have not been able to find them for almost a month now. They say they are still reading every night together, but are never there when we make appointments and never come to church. We’ve been teaching Walson more seriously. He hardly speaks a lick of Spanish. Our lessons consist of drawings, acting, and pamphlets. We taught him about the Law of Chastity and he said he would get married to his girlfriend when she comes to Chile and live separate while they waited for papers. Then I heard something about 5 women and I thought he was talking about his family or something. The next day we asked him about it and no. He’s not talking about family. He has 5 women in Haiti that he still is in contact with. Two of these women are coming to Chile in September and he wants to marry them both. Or marry one and keep the other on the side. ¡What the actual heck!  We explained to him that wasn’t gonna fly and he said he was going to pray to God and ask him if he can have 2 wives. Good luck with that one. Then we found out that he’s actually going to Brazil in a week because he can’t find good work here.
The constant challenge for me in the mission and in my life is how to stay happy and how to maintain faith under all circumstances. I just got really frustrated this week. In physical therapy they’re having me literally do infant exercises. We spent an hour the other day trying to learn how to move the zone of my back where I have prominent scoliosis. We got back to the house to go to the bathroom real quick and then head back out to work and I just broke down crying. I’m training, Hermana Barney is the one who has an excuse to be an emotional wreck, not me. We left the house. All of our appointments fell through, again, and I was just praying telling God I needed a miracle. We were on the street corner deciding which street we were going to contact this time. I felt a little tug to the right so I followed it. I stopped at a door with a Virgin Mary sticker on it and yelled. Out came a precious little lady named Nely. She told me no because she’s Catholic. I asked her what I’ve asked a million people, if she believes that God can answer her prayers. She said yes. I asked her if she would just listen and let God decide if it was correct. She let us in and it was beautiful. She’s still a little reserved, but she shared with us about the power of prayer in her life and agreed to read and pray and  let us come back.
I think that hardest thing about following the Spirit is that I’ve felt that same kind of tug I can’t tell you how many times, followed it, and nothing came out of it. It’s hard to remember sometimes that the Spirit guides us to the people who need the opportunity, not just the people who are going to take it.
Yesterday was a day of miracles too. We went and taught a bunch of people with the ward mission leader. I love lessons with members!!! I don’t know if I told you about Brayan, but long of the short of it, he made a contract with the devil and was literally possessed and his uncle gave him a blessing to cast out the devils and we started teaching him about a month and a half ago. Then he fell back into the stuff from his past and was in the hospital on tranquilizers fr a month. Now he’s out and wants to be baptized!
Welp that’s all the time I’ve got.
Love you all! Eat barbeque sauce for me, it desn’t exist here.
Hermana Miller
PS We found evidence that it’s actually fall here.

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