Do I look like a fire hydrant?

You guessed it. The other day we had a rocking contact with a young man named Claudio and a dog straight up peed on my leg. We went to Maria’s house and she sprayed me with disinfectant and I was in business (pun not intended).

This week we had to take a bit more time to breathe and make plans for how to deal with the pressures and stresses of mission life. Life is always better when you’ve got a plan:)
Brayan is still going strong for his baptism date this Saturday! He’s a funny kid. We went to a baptism in another ward and I think he finally got over the whole needing to be baptized in a river gig. We just have to finish teaching him, even though we’re really teaching him all the lessons for the 2 or 3 time in his life.
Daniel is a hot mess. He told us that he went drinking with his friends the other day and then he told us that yesterday he got mad at his mom so he took her completo and  threw it at a dog haha. It’s not funny but it is. I don’t know what to do with him.
The members told me that I’m “finally normal” because I apparently came here deathly skinny. I think it’s every Chileans biggest dream to fatten all the gringos. I’m just letting it happen.
Once again, driest letter out there. #sorrynotsorry
Con Cariño,
Hermana Miller
Because some how pictures make up for lack of content:)

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