Okie Dokie Alcachofa

Well. This week was a fun one. I may have eaten an entire bar of chocolate in one day #stresseatingisreal Are hashtags are still a thing there? Also do they have these little finger spinner toys there, because they are super popular here.

Beginning of the week we had lots of medical appointments. On one of the micros there was a rapping small person. I swear, you can get on a micro and do anything and Chileans will give you money.
Friday, it rained like crazy! And with insane wind so umbrellas weren’t good for anything. We tried to go up to the little shack house of Virgilio and it was like ice skating in mud. Pure clay. It was hilarious. And then a small child lost their umbrella in the wind and I heroically went running through the mud with my magical rain boots to save it. I was dramatically running in slow motion mainly because my boots were so stuck in the mud haha.
Saturday, we had the baptism of Brayan! It was so great. Ironically enough, this time we used a different chapel to have hot water, but it was boiling hot. And really dirty water. But it worked! I made everyone brownies, so they were happy. Brayan shared his testimony and said “ever since I saw a one legged man running I felt the holy spirit and knew that this is the true church” hahaa. He’s a little odd. I promise he actually knows things, he just expresses himself in interesting ways.
h miller 008
Yesterday was the big football game. It was crazy walking the streets and every time they made a goal you could here literally all of Chile screaming. Everyone was in their houses. Then there were a bunch of drunk men  in the streets harassing us so we went home early.
Love you all! I’m learning to know My Savior more every day. Ya’ll need to repent. Just throwing it out there.
Hermana Miller

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