It’s raining, it’s pouring, I’m pretty sure I’m snoring

Holy Hannah it knows how to rain here. Forget the umbrellas. We started carrying a ton of socks in a ziplock bag with us every where, so we can occasionally stop by a members house and change socks. I don’t know if I’ve already said this, but if I ever liked the just rained smell, Chile ruined that one for me. When it rains here, it smells like dog droppings and trash.
This week we’ve been teaching a little guy from Columbia named Jose. He’s probably the cutest. He’s 10 and he asked us to come back every day at 6 to read the Book of Mormon with him, we didn’t even have to ask when we could come back. When we taught him how to pray, he asked “por favorcito bendícenos con una tortuga”. We came back two days latter and he got a turtle! Pray works folks.
Fun fact: Daniel now translates my blog into Spanish every week. Other fun fact: Daniel never made us completos this week.
We had a Capilla Abierta in Miraflores this week. We had to memorize the tours and Hermana Barney was stressing, but she killed it. This girl is a spiritual beast and knows how to tell it like it is.
Also we found a gaggle of wild puppies. I melted a little.
Other fun fact: Chileans believe that if you get cold in any way you will get sick. I’m walking around with all the layers and they ask me where my coat is. Oh Chileans…
Hermana Miller
PS here’s my new favorite scripture:
Helamán 3:35  No obstante, ayunaron y oraron frecuentemente, se volvieron más más fuertes en su humildadmás más firmes en la fe de Cristo, hasta henchir sus almas de gozo de consolación; sí, hasta la purificación y santificación de sus corazones, santificación que viene de entregar el corazón Dios.


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