Hey folks! It has been a good week to be alive. We’ve been keeping it pretty chill this week, but we’re still workin!

Monday I wasn’t feeling so hot, so we spent the evening at home and slept for probably half a day.
Tuesday we had physical therapy, and they told me that the cold and rain are destroying my knees and ankles, so I have to take a day of complete rest. They put magical tapes on my knees that make my life so much better. We were able to teach José, oh that kid kills me. We were watching the restoration video and he pauses it half way through and says, anybody want bread and eggs? haha. I tried to tell him we were fine but apparently he was really hungry so he went to the kitchen and made the fastest egg of my life and in the processes dropped one on the floor. I don’t know why it was so funny, but it was. He said he learned how to make eggs on YouTube. Kids these days.
Wednesday we met a little miracle named Verta. Two years ago she got in a car accident, and now she’s paralyzed from the neck down. But she’s so happy. She says she loves her body and is grateful for the life she was able to have. She doesn’t have anything of muscle. at all. And her legs are stuck folded in half. The ward is helping her out because her sister has to work but someone has to change her… sanitary items for her. We went on Wednesday to help. Let just say, I’m never going to complain about my knee pain again. We also made Brayan’s post baptism goals and he’s amazing. Still says weird things sometimes that I don’t know where he gets his ideas from, but we’re helping him out. We had Once  with Familia Gracia and he’s probably the closest thing I’ve met to the Chilean version of my Dad.
Thursday was our day of rest. So obviously it consisted of studies, arts and crafts, brownies, and sleeping.
Friday we visited a whole bunch of recent converts. When we were at Marias we read in the Book of Mormon with her and one of the Hatians that lives in her house named Patrick. He’s pretty cool and… HE SPEAKS SPANISH! he talks in only tu form so it gets confusing sometimes, but it is so nice to be able to communicate verbally.
Saturday we found out who our real friends are. Sebastian and Catalina made us Cafe Rio. They didn’t get the sweet pork quite down, but it was still SO good. But they put mayo and ketchup and BBQ sauce on their tacos. They are just the most gringo little newlyweds that I know. Everyone in the ward thinks they’re weird and antisocial, but they’re really just normal and incredibly hipster. We had a pretty rad Noche de Capilla activity that only 6 people came to, but we still had a blast.
Yesterday was fast Sunday aka the best Sundays. I had been fasting to receive a confirmation that the Book of Mormon is true and I felt it so strongly while I was bearing my testimony. I’ve found that the majority of doubting questions I have in my mission, I find the answers to when I’m in the process of bearing testimony. And, PATRICK COMMITTED TO A BAPTISM DATE! It was a good miracle to end the week with.
I love you all, eat some good BBQ for me!
Also Chile lost yesterday. If you didn’t know. It was really tragic.
Hermana Miller

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