“You’re Worth 3 Hojas”


This week was great! We found a family to baptize! We contacted them on the street 2 different times and turns out their aunt is a member of our ward. The member told us to beware of the husband, but in the end, he warmed right up to us. He went on a big trip for 20 days because he’s a seaman, but he brought his Book of Mormon with him and he’s reading a ton! Tania and her kids came to church and they loved it! Such a miracle!
Today we went adventuring to a parque in our Zone and found some nature! It was so nice to see nature for the first time in months! And it’s not even dog or trash infested! And we found cows! Hermana Barney hates me a little because we had to hike a little to get out of there, but she’ll thank me later 🙂
That’s all I’ve got, sorry I’m litterally the worst.
Les quiero!
Hermana Miller
PS you haven’t lived until you’ve heard pan flute Let it Be
PPS I’m addicted to Churrasco and I don’t even want to help it.

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