Sunshine, Lollipops, and Miracles

Hello friends!
Man so much goodness. We had Zone Conference on Tuesday all about developing Christ-like attributes and talking about the example of Joseph Smith. President Diaz may or may not have dressed up as Joseph Smith. It was pretty dang on point, you’ve gotta see it.

Behold! President Diaz dressed up as Joseph Smith

Almost everyday we’ve had a lesson with Tania and her family. Guly is just so excited about going to church and said that her favorite part was the sacrament. She is such a blessed child. So being the amazing little girl she is, she told her cousin, Samantha, all about it. And naturally, Samantha loved it, and told her mom, Nice, all about it. Yes her name is literally Nice with a latino accent.  SO we’ve been working with them and…. THEY HAVE A BAPTISM DATE FOR THE 30th! They all came to church yesterday, and it was the best. The talks were about faith and repentance and other things really basic. We planned ahead of time some kids that could take all of the children to their classes and their was an Hermana that went to Gospel Principles with us. It was so good. I love them to death. Even though they give us gross papaya juice every time that we have to pretend to like #thepriceofsalvation . Daniel was being super stubborn (hope you’re reading this), but he found the faith to come to church again and it was just a great day.
Yesterday we were in a lesson with Maria Isabel, a recent convert and she was saying that she wanted to go back to her old church. I was talking to her and just praying for something to help her remember her testimony. Lo and behold, the Relief Society President and her husband came knocking on the door. El Hermano shared something that touched her heart, and she could recognize it as her answer. Miracles are so real friends!
Love you all! God is so good and he is so ready to help us progress and move on from our mistakes even though we can’t do anything to be worthy of it. Take Him up on the offer. Por fi:)
Hermana Miller

The Zone!



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