Ovalle, Tierra Santa

SO It was a crazy week.

I guess a lot of people don’t really know what a Sister Training Leader is, so here’s a quick description: In the mission, we do intercambios to help out the missionaries, give training, verify how they’re doing, and give a report to President. The assistants do intercambios with the Zone leaders [Elders or dude missionaries], the zone leaders with the district leaders and the district leaders with their district. But what about the Hermanas? That’s where the Hermana Lideres come in. It’s like Zone leader, but for the Hermanas. We do intercambios with the Hermanas in our Zone or sometimes 2 zones to help them with personal problems, support them, correct behavior if necessary, verify how the sector is, planning, studies, all of it. And then we do weekly reports to Presidente. We also help set the goals and enfoques (priorities) for the Zone and participate in the mission leader council (I think that’s what it’s called in English, not really sure). I’m way the heck north in Ovalle, so we just have one companionship of lovely Hermanas that we do exchanges with every week. And that’s about it.
Tuesday, we ran around saying goodbye to people and teaching and packing and all that good stuff. It was so hard to say goodbye to Guly and Sabi. Broke my little heart. They gave me a little scarf and gloves to remember them forever:) Wednesday we had transfers so we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off. So crazy. Then Wednesday we sent my suitcases to Viña and left Hna Barney with her new companion in Reñaca, and then I kicked it with the Hna Lideres in Achupallus for the day. At night we went to the bus station in Viña to pick up my companion. Thursday we had the training for new leaders and the Friday we had the Consejo de Lideres. We talked a lot about the power of Christ to help us. We are really focusing on how as a Zone we can put more faith in Christ to have the power to do more than what we alone are capable of. We also talked a lot about how in the Gospel of Jesus Christ bosses don’t exist. The more I study about faith the more that I realize that it’s just confidence in God.
Saturday I finally jumped on a bus for 6 hours and now I’m in Ovalle. It’s a branch here, but it’s bigger than any ward I’ve been in in Chile.
I love you all and I don’t understand this computer so I don’t have any pics. Sorry!
Hermana Miller

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