We put the cambio in intercambio

What a week! This place is full of miracles, I’m sure gonna miss it. On Monday, we were walking to an appointment and this guy just stopped us on the street and said, “hey I’ve been reading this Book of Mormon my friend gave me and I was wondering if I would be allowed to come to your church to get answers to a few of my questions”. Pretty crazy.


Tuesday we went to Santiago for some medical appointments and I was assistant to the President’s wife for the day. I swear she’s the Chilean Oprah. We were in the bookstore next to the temple and anything I said would be nice to have she had me buy 10 of them haha. We went to lunch at this really nice restaurant and ate something about stake for poor people and it was so stinkin good. Hermana Barney is teaching me how to eat like a civilized human. Fun fact: in Chile it is very bad manners to eat with one hand under the table. Offensive in fact.
Wednesday, we had surprise intercambios and we taught a very distressed woman who talked a lot about “la gloria” and how all of her friends are devil worshipers. Thursday, we did a triple intercambio with the Hermana Liders and Quilpue. Then, the Hermanas got stuck there for the night so we had another day of intercambios. It was quite the adventure.
Guly and Tania are so excited for their baptism! We found out about some family complications and Nice and Tania are a bit more hesitant about the baptism gig, but they’ll get there soon:) We went to a baptism yesterday and they loved it.
Saturday, we went helped out with a stake youth activity and it was so cute to go out contacting with these little budding missionaries.
Daniel FINALLY made us completos. So life is good:)
And somewhere in there, the Mission President called, the conversation went like this…
“Hermana, tengo una asignación para usted”

“¿Aceptará la asignación de ser una hermana líder entrenadora?”
“Por supuesto Presidente”
“Bueno, que descanse”
And just like that I’m going to the north in Ovalle to be a Sister Training leader,
So, naturally, I frantically started taking pictures.
Talk to you from the north next time!
Hermana Miller
(Sent July 24th)

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