The answers to my most common questions all in one place.

Why Viña del Mar, Chile?

While Chile is an area I dreamed of, I actually did not choose it; I am simply going where the Lord wants me to. When I decided to serve as a missionary, I began filling out an application for service. My paperwork was then reviewed by my local church leaders and submitted to the headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There an Apostle of Jesus Christ looked at my picture and information. By divine inspiration, he selected where the Lord needed my service. A letter was sent to my home extending a call to the Chile Viña del Mar mission and I accepted.

Does your church require you to go on a mission?

No. My decision to serve as a missionary for my church was entirely voluntary. For men, it is seen as a duty to God to serve a mission, but even for them it is a choice.

Will you get to talk to your family?

Once a week, usually on Mondays, I have a preparation day where I am given time to email my friends and family. I can also write letters back and forth at anytime. On Christmas and Mother’s Day I will be able to Skype home and see my family’s lovely faces:)

Does your mission get to wear pants?

Sure do. But only in Summer during mosquito season.

What about Zika Virus? 

Yes, Chile does have cases of Zika virus carried by mosquitoes. During the summer months when mosquitoes are rampant, I will be wearing insecticide on my clothes as well as insect repellant with at least 30% deet. Full length skirts or pants are recommended to limit exposure to bites.