“You’re Worth 3 Hojas”


This week was great! We found a family to baptize! We contacted them on the street 2 different times and turns out their aunt is a member of our ward. The member told us to beware of the husband, but in the end, he warmed right up to us. He went on a big trip for 20 days because he’s a seaman, but he brought his Book of Mormon with him and he’s reading a ton! Tania and her kids came to church and they loved it! Such a miracle!
Today we went adventuring to a parque in our Zone and found some nature! It was so nice to see nature for the first time in months! And it’s not even dog or trash infested! And we found cows! Hermana Barney hates me a little because we had to hike a little to get out of there, but she’ll thank me later 🙂
That’s all I’ve got, sorry I’m litterally the worst.
Les quiero!
Hermana Miller
PS you haven’t lived until you’ve heard pan flute Let it Be
PPS I’m addicted to Churrasco and I don’t even want to help it.


Hey folks! It has been a good week to be alive. We’ve been keeping it pretty chill this week, but we’re still workin!

Monday I wasn’t feeling so hot, so we spent the evening at home and slept for probably half a day.
Tuesday we had physical therapy, and they told me that the cold and rain are destroying my knees and ankles, so I have to take a day of complete rest. They put magical tapes on my knees that make my life so much better. We were able to teach José, oh that kid kills me. We were watching the restoration video and he pauses it half way through and says, anybody want bread and eggs? haha. I tried to tell him we were fine but apparently he was really hungry so he went to the kitchen and made the fastest egg of my life and in the processes dropped one on the floor. I don’t know why it was so funny, but it was. He said he learned how to make eggs on YouTube. Kids these days.
Wednesday we met a little miracle named Verta. Two years ago she got in a car accident, and now she’s paralyzed from the neck down. But she’s so happy. She says she loves her body and is grateful for the life she was able to have. She doesn’t have anything of muscle. at all. And her legs are stuck folded in half. The ward is helping her out because her sister has to work but someone has to change her… sanitary items for her. We went on Wednesday to help. Let just say, I’m never going to complain about my knee pain again. We also made Brayan’s post baptism goals and he’s amazing. Still says weird things sometimes that I don’t know where he gets his ideas from, but we’re helping him out. We had Once  with Familia Gracia and he’s probably the closest thing I’ve met to the Chilean version of my Dad.
Thursday was our day of rest. So obviously it consisted of studies, arts and crafts, brownies, and sleeping.
Friday we visited a whole bunch of recent converts. When we were at Marias we read in the Book of Mormon with her and one of the Hatians that lives in her house named Patrick. He’s pretty cool and… HE SPEAKS SPANISH! he talks in only tu form so it gets confusing sometimes, but it is so nice to be able to communicate verbally.
Saturday we found out who our real friends are. Sebastian and Catalina made us Cafe Rio. They didn’t get the sweet pork quite down, but it was still SO good. But they put mayo and ketchup and BBQ sauce on their tacos. They are just the most gringo little newlyweds that I know. Everyone in the ward thinks they’re weird and antisocial, but they’re really just normal and incredibly hipster. We had a pretty rad Noche de Capilla activity that only 6 people came to, but we still had a blast.
Yesterday was fast Sunday aka the best Sundays. I had been fasting to receive a confirmation that the Book of Mormon is true and I felt it so strongly while I was bearing my testimony. I’ve found that the majority of doubting questions I have in my mission, I find the answers to when I’m in the process of bearing testimony. And, PATRICK COMMITTED TO A BAPTISM DATE! It was a good miracle to end the week with.
I love you all, eat some good BBQ for me!
Also Chile lost yesterday. If you didn’t know. It was really tragic.
Hermana Miller

It’s raining, it’s pouring, I’m pretty sure I’m snoring

Holy Hannah it knows how to rain here. Forget the umbrellas. We started carrying a ton of socks in a ziplock bag with us every where, so we can occasionally stop by a members house and change socks. I don’t know if I’ve already said this, but if I ever liked the just rained smell, Chile ruined that one for me. When it rains here, it smells like dog droppings and trash.
This week we’ve been teaching a little guy from Columbia named Jose. He’s probably the cutest. He’s 10 and he asked us to come back every day at 6 to read the Book of Mormon with him, we didn’t even have to ask when we could come back. When we taught him how to pray, he asked “por favorcito bendícenos con una tortuga”. We came back two days latter and he got a turtle! Pray works folks.
Fun fact: Daniel now translates my blog into Spanish every week. Other fun fact: Daniel never made us completos this week.
We had a Capilla Abierta in Miraflores this week. We had to memorize the tours and Hermana Barney was stressing, but she killed it. This girl is a spiritual beast and knows how to tell it like it is.
Also we found a gaggle of wild puppies. I melted a little.
Other fun fact: Chileans believe that if you get cold in any way you will get sick. I’m walking around with all the layers and they ask me where my coat is. Oh Chileans…
Hermana Miller
PS here’s my new favorite scripture:
Helamán 3:35  No obstante, ayunaron y oraron frecuentemente, se volvieron más más fuertes en su humildadmás más firmes en la fe de Cristo, hasta henchir sus almas de gozo de consolación; sí, hasta la purificación y santificación de sus corazones, santificación que viene de entregar el corazón Dios.


Okie Dokie Alcachofa

Well. This week was a fun one. I may have eaten an entire bar of chocolate in one day #stresseatingisreal Are hashtags are still a thing there? Also do they have these little finger spinner toys there, because they are super popular here.

Beginning of the week we had lots of medical appointments. On one of the micros there was a rapping small person. I swear, you can get on a micro and do anything and Chileans will give you money.
Friday, it rained like crazy! And with insane wind so umbrellas weren’t good for anything. We tried to go up to the little shack house of Virgilio and it was like ice skating in mud. Pure clay. It was hilarious. And then a small child lost their umbrella in the wind and I heroically went running through the mud with my magical rain boots to save it. I was dramatically running in slow motion mainly because my boots were so stuck in the mud haha.
Saturday, we had the baptism of Brayan! It was so great. Ironically enough, this time we used a different chapel to have hot water, but it was boiling hot. And really dirty water. But it worked! I made everyone brownies, so they were happy. Brayan shared his testimony and said “ever since I saw a one legged man running I felt the holy spirit and knew that this is the true church” hahaa. He’s a little odd. I promise he actually knows things, he just expresses himself in interesting ways.
h miller 008
Yesterday was the big football game. It was crazy walking the streets and every time they made a goal you could here literally all of Chile screaming. Everyone was in their houses. Then there were a bunch of drunk men  in the streets harassing us so we went home early.
Love you all! I’m learning to know My Savior more every day. Ya’ll need to repent. Just throwing it out there.
Hermana Miller

Do I look like a fire hydrant?

You guessed it. The other day we had a rocking contact with a young man named Claudio and a dog straight up peed on my leg. We went to Maria’s house and she sprayed me with disinfectant and I was in business (pun not intended).

This week we had to take a bit more time to breathe and make plans for how to deal with the pressures and stresses of mission life. Life is always better when you’ve got a plan:)
Brayan is still going strong for his baptism date this Saturday! He’s a funny kid. We went to a baptism in another ward and I think he finally got over the whole needing to be baptized in a river gig. We just have to finish teaching him, even though we’re really teaching him all the lessons for the 2 or 3 time in his life.
Daniel is a hot mess. He told us that he went drinking with his friends the other day and then he told us that yesterday he got mad at his mom so he took her completo and  threw it at a dog haha. It’s not funny but it is. I don’t know what to do with him.
The members told me that I’m “finally normal” because I apparently came here deathly skinny. I think it’s every Chileans biggest dream to fatten all the gringos. I’m just letting it happen.
Once again, driest letter out there. #sorrynotsorry
Con Cariño,
Hermana Miller
Because some how pictures make up for lack of content:)

Just Checking In!

Hello friends,

I love you all SOO much.
We had an amazing conference this week with Elder Packer and we learned so many great things about how we can change the way we do missionary work. One of them is that we should fill out the pamphlet of My Family to share the history of our families with everyone. As a result, I don’t have very much time today.
Just know I love, I’m safe and happy and I have bread:)
Also I know I’m the worst with birthdays, but know I have all of them on my little Washington calendar and I celebrate them over here. (Shout out to Lorelai!).
Also this is what the Cyber place looks like.
And Brayan is getting baptized on the 17th!
Hermana Miller

Progress is an unsteady process

Welp. Lots of adventures this week. This was the week of falling appointments. I’m used to it because such is the life of a missionary, but Hermana Barney gets really disappointed every time. This whole gringa companion gig is different. I can tell you that I’ve gotten better at speaking Spanish in the past two weeks than any other period of time in my mission. The power of necessity! The only problem is I don’t know how to create that necessity for my companion. I can always respond in Spanish, but I can’t not understand her when she talks to me in English haha. But I also love it because a little bit of my personality is still in English, so it’s been nice to have that back. Also, she’s not a proud, stubborn brat like I was in my first cambio. I am SOO grateful for that.
Remember Pedro and Antioneta? We have not been able to find them for almost a month now. They say they are still reading every night together, but are never there when we make appointments and never come to church. We’ve been teaching Walson more seriously. He hardly speaks a lick of Spanish. Our lessons consist of drawings, acting, and pamphlets. We taught him about the Law of Chastity and he said he would get married to his girlfriend when she comes to Chile and live separate while they waited for papers. Then I heard something about 5 women and I thought he was talking about his family or something. The next day we asked him about it and no. He’s not talking about family. He has 5 women in Haiti that he still is in contact with. Two of these women are coming to Chile in September and he wants to marry them both. Or marry one and keep the other on the side. ¡What the actual heck!  We explained to him that wasn’t gonna fly and he said he was going to pray to God and ask him if he can have 2 wives. Good luck with that one. Then we found out that he’s actually going to Brazil in a week because he can’t find good work here.
The constant challenge for me in the mission and in my life is how to stay happy and how to maintain faith under all circumstances. I just got really frustrated this week. In physical therapy they’re having me literally do infant exercises. We spent an hour the other day trying to learn how to move the zone of my back where I have prominent scoliosis. We got back to the house to go to the bathroom real quick and then head back out to work and I just broke down crying. I’m training, Hermana Barney is the one who has an excuse to be an emotional wreck, not me. We left the house. All of our appointments fell through, again, and I was just praying telling God I needed a miracle. We were on the street corner deciding which street we were going to contact this time. I felt a little tug to the right so I followed it. I stopped at a door with a Virgin Mary sticker on it and yelled. Out came a precious little lady named Nely. She told me no because she’s Catholic. I asked her what I’ve asked a million people, if she believes that God can answer her prayers. She said yes. I asked her if she would just listen and let God decide if it was correct. She let us in and it was beautiful. She’s still a little reserved, but she shared with us about the power of prayer in her life and agreed to read and pray and  let us come back.
I think that hardest thing about following the Spirit is that I’ve felt that same kind of tug I can’t tell you how many times, followed it, and nothing came out of it. It’s hard to remember sometimes that the Spirit guides us to the people who need the opportunity, not just the people who are going to take it.
Yesterday was a day of miracles too. We went and taught a bunch of people with the ward mission leader. I love lessons with members!!! I don’t know if I told you about Brayan, but long of the short of it, he made a contract with the devil and was literally possessed and his uncle gave him a blessing to cast out the devils and we started teaching him about a month and a half ago. Then he fell back into the stuff from his past and was in the hospital on tranquilizers fr a month. Now he’s out and wants to be baptized!
Welp that’s all the time I’ve got.
Love you all! Eat barbeque sauce for me, it desn’t exist here.
Hermana Miller
PS We found evidence that it’s actually fall here.

I’m too young to be a mother!

What a week. And I REALLY mean it this time.

Wow, I had to do a whole lot of informing this week and I have no more time!
Summary: Some one had to go home so we had emergency transfers and Hermana Rojas is with Hermana Anderson (from CCM) in Quilpue and I’m training here with Hermana Barney. It’s a party. Also I’m famous for my cheesecake here now. Also my companion is adorable and she bought a bouncey ball from a gumball machine. Also Daniel got called as 1st counselor of Young Mens. That’s all!
Hermana Miller

Fun fact: Tights are called panties here. It still catches me off guard every time an old lady asks me if I’m wearing panties because it’s cold out.

Cantando en la lluvia

La shuvia la shuvia [the rain]. My companion is from Argentina and so it’s cute how she says her ll in words like ella, calle, or llaves. I love it.

This week we had interviews with Presidente Diaz in our houses, so we spent the first part of the week pretty focused on getting everything ready for that. We were putting goals with Daniel this week and he’s so awesome. He committed to prepare himself to serve a mission and he’s so pumped. I got real scared for a little bit because we passed by on Friday and he said he’s been attacked with temptations with week with all the commandments and he set up an interview with the bishop to work it all out, but he didn’t want to tell us what happened. He had his interview and everything was good for him to receive the priesthood on Sunday. It seems like he thought that being tempted was sinning and in the end he was just overthinking everything haha. AND I realized that I might be able to be there when he goes through the temple. When I finish my mission in May 2018 I’ll go to the temple with all the other missionaries, and it just so happens that Daniel will hit his 1 year mark in May 2018. I’m crossing my fingers and praying a lot that one works out because it would be amazing.
This week Antioneta and Pedro fell off the face of the earth. We couldn’t find them at all. We called them and they hung up on us. We passed by their house when the door was open and the lights on and no one came out. But yesterday we finally got a hold of her and she said that her sister is really sick and is living with her now and she has to take her to all her medical appointments. BUT she said that they’ve been reading and praying together. They still haven’t come to church and that’s what worries me more than anything, but I think I just need to take a chill pill and be patient with them. It also seems like she thinks in order to receive us in her house she has to give us Once. Which I will always accept once, but I’d rather just be able to verify their progress.
We found some new people to teach this week which is really good because we were starting to loose some steam lately. We found this little old lady who at first said that her husband was a member but she wasn’t, but every time since then that we’ve passed by there’s another person in her family that is actually a member that we didn’t know about. Including she is actually a member. But it seems like she’s been going to some Evangilca churches because everytime she wants to read a scripture she can’t finish it because she starts uncontrolably sobbing. And when we pray she says things like “oh please Jesus!”. It makes lessons interesting.
Thursday it rained so hard. My poor little Hermana Rojas doesn’t have clothes for the rain, she has boots and a coat, but they just got soaked through and the wind destroyed her umbrella, so she could only see my feet under her floppy umbrella. It was really pathetic to watch. I’ve never been so grateful for rainboots in my life. We went to Maria’s house and she took us in and hung up all of Hermana Roja’s clothes around the fire to dry. It was so humbling to watch her serve us as she dried our feet with a hair blow dryer. It was like in the Bible when the woman washed the Savior’s feet with her tears but in reverse. She made us sopa pias and swaddled us in blankets and drove us to our apartment. I love that little woman.
It was so great to talk with the fam yesterday. I’m sad that I forgot to take a picture, but I doubt I’ll forget it 🙂 It was weird to realize that my mind is in a different world now. I loved hearing little voices of the nieces and nephews and seeing that they all live and are okay.
Times up, but I love you all:)
Hermana Miller

Ain´t No Mountain High Enough

What a week. We started out in trio because the companion of Hermana Espinoza left for the States. It was crazy because we were running in 2 sectors and all the appointments fell through in both sectors. But it was an adventure.

Wednesday we had cambios. We ended up just switching out companions with Churrios. I miss Hermana Hernandez. The best summary I can give of her is her favorite color is red. She has a very strong personality and is passionate about everything. She helped keep up energy and I helped her learn how to take it down a few notches sometimes:) One thing I didn’t realize until after she left is that I really didn’t talk much when I was with her because she was so chatty, I just listened haha. I didn’t realize what a toll it had taken on my Spanish. The ward misses her a lot because she was such a powerhouse. There are also a few members she contended with that will talk to us now, so it all evens out.
hm 232
Hermana Rojas is my new companion and I just love her so much. She has 8 months in the mission so we´re just babies together. She trained Hermana Terry, my love from CCM. She is so calm and collected and is always telling me how much she loves me and he’s just an angel. She’s from La Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina and a recent convert to the church. She has some pretty severe knee problems, so she can’t walk downhill. It makes things complicated in this sector, but we’re figuring it out. It’s sufficient to say we’re going to spend a lot of money on micros this cambio.
hm 247

The lovely Hermana Rojas! And sopapias we made yesterday.

Our 1st night we went to get ready for bed and the door to the bathroom was locked. Locked, with no one inside and no way to get in except with a key. Any trick you can think of, we tried it. Trust me. In the morning, we went to the apartment of the Hermana Leaders to shower, and that night the bishop came and demolished our doorknob to let us in. So now we have a nice scarf in the door.
hm 242

The remains of our doorknob

The other day we were in Viña for physical therapy and after lunch we had a service project for the mission, so we got permission to stick around for almuerzo and it was fabulous.
hm 236
And that’s all I’ve got.
Love you all!
Hermana Miller